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Extra Levels 

Dungeon Keeper Levels

 You will find some stuff here for dungeon keeper .

 The levels will not work in Dungeon Keeper 2 !
You can download the GAME000*.zip files and extract them in your saved games directory. Usually called "C:\Program Files\Bullfrog\Keeper\Save", if you used a default installation. They will overwrite your first saved games.
 If you don't want that, rename them, the last number of the game000*, will determine which files will be used to install these new DK_levels.

 Or just open the save.exe file, under the zips!
 If you come back, reload. I'm still working on the site and more levels.
 Default installation, to unzip to "C:\Program Files\Bullfrog\Keeper\Save\"
Game0000.SAV   [110 kb]
Game0001.SAV   [118 kb]
Game0002.SAV   [125 kb]
Game0003.SAV   [89 kb]
Game0004.SAV   [96 kb]
Game0005.SAV   [127 kb]
Game0006.SAV   [121 kb]
Game0007.SAV   [109 kb]
 [Easiest install ever:]
All at once.exe   [922 kb]
 You can open them as a saved game.
 But you will have to have a saved game on this location first!

 Proudly presenting 4 new levels.

 Born around Christmas 2000, must be divine inspiration.
Lavatar   [128 kb]
Na Kadmon   [161 kb]
Kadmon   [162 kb]
 The first level of 2001, made round old/new year;
DragonGold   [154 kb]
 Having problems with evolution of your opponent keepers?
 Download this Patch for the game!
 I found it at some Bullfrog© site, and it works very well.
 Dungeon keeper needs this patch.
 It enhances the artificial intelligence and rebalances creatures.
 Recommended. [1.6 MB]
 Install it in your keeper directory, in order to patch keeper95.exe.
Please link to this site.

 For installation of DK to your Hard-disk (Copy Ldata, data & levels, new path in keeper.cfg)
 You can sefely delete all *.smk[50 MB?] files, the rendered movies. (once seen, seen enough)
 In keeper.cfg, use the path to your new keeper directory on hard-disk, instead of your CD-rom.
 Still to hard for you? It's explained better at the geocities website.
 It 'll take about 120 MB, the original install was 68 MB.
 With the cd inside, you'll still have music.
"C:\Program Files\Bullfrog\Keeper\keeper95.exe" -1player

 And open Multi-player, 1 player
 You can play the multi-player games as a one player, or edit the levels.txt, to run new levels.
 Well, renaming them as map000001.* and write them into your levels directory is easier.

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 Levels    Home    Downloads   Sounds    Links 

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 About these levels:

 They have got no title, nor Objectives.
 Some of them have stories, other are more like 4D drawings.
 I do my best, but there are other level creators, that make better levels than I do.
 But maybe, it is just, because it is nicer to play a level from someone else,
 than to test my own levels over and over again, untill the script is right.
 It seems like, i'm taking more time for every new level.

 They are, I think, as hard as the deeper dungeons levels.
 But how hard they are, depends mostly on the strategy, you use.
 I can't tell, I've never played them without knowing the map.
 Please let me know if you find bugs.

 Over here you can download more than 50 Dungeon Keeper levels
+50 levels [4.2 MB]
 Most of them aren't very good, I warn you, but lots are worth playing.
 I've played them all.
 Some have got to much magic doors, lightning traps, level 10 "Hero's", or go tilt.

 Here is a very good one, I really recommend:
Mission Imp_possible [56 kb]
 But you'll have to play it with a harddisk installation, preferably with Deeper Dungeons.
 It's worth it.  If you haven't got the Deeper Dungeons CD, i'll tell you: the imps are stronger than usual.

 Down here you'll also find some really nice levels;
 An addition to the original Game!
 Only problem is: He made to little Levels.

 Another page like this, with very usefull information, downloads and levels you will find at;
 Very Beautifull levels, very easy.

 Another series of historical levels, the Ancient Keeper Levels, should be brought under your attention.
 As wel as Unded, the first (unofficial) Level editor for Dungeon Keeper.
 Following this link, you'll find the information, the download, and other levels, made by this webmaster;
 I don't like her levels, to hard, little content, but maybe you might just like that.

 More tested levels at;

 A gost site, with some levels overhere;

 For the official link, I recommend;

 Very nice, is the "Fairy Dungeon Keeper Page". Visit them here;

 An Editor in dos, Adikted, you can get overhere!
 My favorite at the moment.
 You can put graffiti on your walls, 50 things or more, on one place...
 For other effects, use it in combination with Unded.

 A Japanese website (very beautifull) overhere

Under construction.
 I'm working on a strategie help.
 My levels might be difficult for less experienced keepers.
 But a good strategie help, you can find at this place;
 And more detailled info overhere;
 Please report me of any of these links are dead.
 Levels   Home   Downloads from this site   Sounds   Links 
 Levels    Home    Downloads   Sounds    Links 

We are moving this site.
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to visit the new realm.  

  About me;
 I'm dedicated to Dungeon Keeper for 2 years now.
 I was devoleping games, before I had a computer, still have a lot of keeping up to do.
 Dungeon Keeper looks a lot like a game I had in mind, a few years ago.

 I found lots off levels on Internet
 Most ones I find are really bad. Some are extremely good.
 I like levels, where you can build your own dungeon, and don't take to long to play.
 If you like my work, I'd appreciate Feed-back, mostly I'd like to play MULTI-PLAYER !

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