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Brownsea Island



About 2 km long and 1  km wide, Bronsea Island is located just within the entrance to Pool Harbor. The island is known from Scouting it was this very place where Baden Powell (later Lord Baden Powell, founder of the scout-movement) in 1907 held an experimental camp with 20 boys. Today the island belongs to The National Trust and is still used by Scouts (boy and girls) to camp. I myslef stayed for one night at the island in 1986 (see small sign at signpost, picture below).

The northern coast of the island is protected nature reserve and is frequently visited by a great variety of coastal stilt walkers.

This island is also one out of two places in the UK where red squirrels live (the other site is the Isle of Wight). On other places the red squirrel is chased away by the stronger grey squirrel. Although this little creature is hard to see in Summer, in Fall it's a lot easier.




1   The Quay & facilities    
2   The Lagoon    
3   Public Hide & Entrance to Nature Reserve    
4   St Mary's Church    
5   Exit from Nature Reserve    
6   Visitor Centre/Historic Carts    
7   South Shore Steps to Beach    
8   Viewpoints    
9   Terrier Steps    
10   Rose Cottage Steps    
11   Rose Cottage    
12   South Shore Lodge    
13   St Mark's Cottage      
14   Scout Memorial Stone 19  Fire Tower    
15   Scout Campsite 20  Freshwater Lakes (in Reserve)    
16   Site of 19th century pottery 21  Horse Shelter    
17   Pottery Pier 22  Beech Valley Lily Pond    
18   Site of Maryland village 23  Remains of Vinery wall    

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Herinneringssteen op de plaats van het eerste Scout-camp

   Everybody who stayed at the island, can leave a sign at this pole. The littel wooden peg in teh middel has my name on it, when I stayed here in 1986.