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What is naturism ?

Naturism is to remove your clothes and be yourself. Having respect for other people and nature. By undressing yourself, you'll see how differently you look to the 'normal' things in lfe.You'll start enjoying the simple things you didn't mention before. 

Many have expierenced naturism and can't imagine life without it anymore. Naturisme is a feeling of freedom, respect to others. Naturism makes no difference between young and old, tall or small, fat or thin, black or white,everybody is equal. As a naturist you respect your neighbourhood and nature. Short: in naturism selfrespect and respect to others and nature is major subject.

For me, being naked gives me a great lot of relaxation. I discovered this when I was 10 years of age. I noticed that I slept much better when undressed,and later I noticed that when I was very stressed, fysical complaints as lumbago or headache disappeared as soon as I undressed.I felt more free too. During the coming years, I noticed that going to a sauna also took away a lot of stress.


What does naturism mean more to me  ? 

It means that I feel free and comfortable when I am undressed,naked, that I can be myself, that I can relax myself completely and can handle the sorrow of the day much better. By taking off my clothes I take away all day's stress. It means that not only at home, but also elsewhere I like to be undressed, while swimming, in the sauna, hiking, or on vacation. I respect everybody's view and feelings and will not undress if people feel uncomfortable with it, so do I expect that others respect my view. It has nothing to do with sex or exibitionism or things like that, it's just a way of living.


Why do I tell this on my site ?

Since my age 10, I feel more comfortable when I'm undressed, no matter of wheater, in summer or winter, at home, wtih people or alone. However I never talked about it, people around me accepted my way of living. Because I like to be (able to be) myself and I not easily talk about naturism,  I dicided to put it on my site.  This way I get that little piece of strength I need to tell I'm a naturist.

My experiences

As already said, I early experienced that I felt better when I was undressed. Of cousre, I will be dressed like anybody else, when it's freezing, but commonly, I feel prettier when undressed. My family always accepted me as I am and my point of view. Friends and aqaintancies accepted me too, the way I am.  At university, it was known, and some giggled with it, probably about unfamiliarity, but nevertheless they showed understanding for my way of living, however, my naturist attitude was respected the way I respect people to be dressed. On the otherhand, at 90F (32 oC) at the beach, I feel much better when undressed. Also on other places, when I want to get  rid of all days stress, by swimming, walking, hiking and so on, I never felt any lack of understanding from people I met undressed. I never had any surprised glance or remark, and my experience is that when one shows respect to another, is not provoking and shows respect to oneanother, there's no problem being dressed or undressed.

However some people gniffle when talking about naturism, there is a still greater public going to nude beaches. Commonly speaking about nude recreation, naturism, nudism or in german called FKK (Frei Körper Kultur, free body culture) people are visiting beaches or campsites where they see the freedom and enjoy teh pretty feeling of being undressed and alllowed to be undressed. When showed on tv, nobody complains about pictures from war scenes or nature catastrophies with dead and mutilated bodies. When a naked body is shown in e.g. a commercial, this too is not often a problem (except in the USA), but when someone is undressed at the beach or somewhere else, this quickly is associated with sex, exibitionism or offence against public decency. That's really a pitty, 'cause besides some exeptions, it's only ment to recreate in a releaxed way, personal to everybody, without being offensive. Covering bodyparts with a miniscule bikini or swimming pants, which hardly covers anything, has more to hide and a greater visual attraction then any natural bodyform someone who is not willing to be seen, but only wants to enjoy natural physical freedom. Isn't it true that when one has something to hide, it's more attractive then when nothing is to hide......? Or is it fear (gymnophobia) or any kind of unnatural (enforced) feeling of shame to detest the naked body?

In naturism it's not important to be build as an athlete or look like Miss Universe. One is not judged on appearance, except maybe looked at the very first time, just to coninue what going on. In t'he 'dressed' you are the way you're dressed. Nothing wrong of course, but that way often prejudices are quickly made, missing any base. It's very important to feel comfortable the way one is dressed, jeans or suit, bikini or nude.

"Naturism is a way of living,  in harmony with nature; it's characterized by commonly nakedness,
to promote selfrespect, respect for others and esteem to nature and environment."
" It's so normal, that makes it special."

Naturism isn't something you can't explain,
you must experience

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FAQ, or: everything you always wanted to know, but were afraid to ask



Health aspects of using sauna

What happens with your body in sauna? What are the effects of changing of extreme temperatures on your body ? Here your answers to these questions, and more.

The naked truth

In sauna you're complete naked. In the beginning this might be uncomfortable, but you get used to it pretty fast.It's necessary that your skin is totally exposed to the warmth an dto the cooling too. To get the greatest benefit, your skin must be abel to transpire freely. In other words: let the natural process lookafter the optimal purifying of your skin !


In Finland they say: Who can walk to tha sauna, can enter the hot cabin as well !
In other words, sauna is for all ages. The only exeption are newly borns and babies, because they're not able to regulate their body temperatures yet. But there are no restrictions for healthy people. Everybody can  enjoy the relaxing effects of sauna.



What happens to your body in a sauna? In short: You train your body, you refreshen your fluidreserves, you'll build resistance  je bouwt weerstand op and you'll give your body and psyche rest and relaxation.

In sauna our body has to 'fight'

The high temperatures in the sauna cabin will in the first few minutes open the pores in our skin and activate the perspiratory glands. Through influence of warmth vasodilitaion will  occur. The beter perfusion of the skin acts just as sweating as prevention to the temperature. We sweat to cool our body through evaporation. The moist that'needed to sweat is directly retrieved from our blood, by which bloodpressure lowers more. Fortunately we have in our body enough "moist depots" and can our organs miss some fluid, so that this shortage can be filled up.

You refreshen bodyfluid reserves

A trained sauna-bather commonly 'looses'  halve to a liter and a halve moist per sauna visit. Together with respiration,  not only water is retracted from our body,but also lactic acids which were left in the tiussues after tense physical endurance. Thus the body will be "cleand" internally. This regularly cleaning of metabolism residue and of materials left after illnesses is one of the most important depth effects of using the sauna. The depth effect of  sauna is less disturbed when you postpone refilling your body fluids by drinking 'till after taking the sauna.

You're building resistance

Regularly visiting a sauna hardens your body and even outside a sauna you'll see that you won't catch a cold as quikly as those who don't use a sauna. In the sauna cabin you'll absorb so much warmth that walking in t he fresh air outside and the cold shower afterwards will be experienced as enjoyable.

(How? Read more about this here)

Repeatedly dilitation and constriction of bloodvessels in the skin prepare training of the body. People who reguraly use a sauna and use is 2-3 times according the rules get natuarally used to temperature differences, even in daily life. Even at a real fever epidmy sauna has proven its value as preventive measure. Scientifically it's proved by multiple research, while in reality it's still shown by the great amount of saunabathers who are not infected by fever while there is a great chance to get infected.

Courtesy: Dutch Sauna Society




Yoga originates from India and is known for centuries as a system well for body and mind. There are many ways of yoga; one, hatha-yoga is the most well known and accessible. Yoga is a combination of movements , breathing and relaxing. In yoga one focusses to the body, getting loose from daily stress and the thoughts in mind. You'll feel your body and learn to better know it. Thus you experience where stress is and how this stress can be relieved by relaxing. Breathing exercize plays a very important role. Through finding a balance between relaxing and being tense, there will be space for yourself. You'll feel you'r living !Everybody can practice yoga: man or woman, young or old, fat or slim. Everybody practices their own way or level in a group where everybody is equal. Emphasis is on what you can do and not the other way round, not the performance. For stress, restlessness, sleepness, back troubles, RSI, yoga can be an effectieve way to reduce these complaints. Yoga works on a long term and with regular practicing.

What does yoga mean for me ?

Besides sauna, naturism, sports and hiking, yoga is the  way to forget everything around me. In a small, close group, I practice yoga since 1988. With controlled breathing, sometimes complex movements, in a quite environment I quickly become fully relaxed, no thoughts disturbing me. This way I refresh my mind and will I be able to put all stress away from me. In daily life I can practice soem yoga exercises to reduce tense or fear (e.g. dentist or examinations).


Finally, I like to mention some very beautifull sites with a platform to discuss naturism:

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