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Logo's hulpverlening

De logo's zijn allemaal even groot afgebeeld, dwz met een hoogte van 150 pixels. De browser geeft niet altijd alle afbeeldingen weer (bestanden in EPS-formaat). Toch zijn deze met een rechtsklik te downloaden.
Red Cross
Red Cresent
Int. Red Cross and Red Cresent
Red Diamond

The ICRC is currently considering adding a more culturally-neutral symbol to the existing cross and cresent. The latest propsal is for a hollow diamond   

Magen David Adom (Israel)

The International Committee of the Red Cross has been unable formally to recognize the Israeli Red Shield of David Society (Magen David Adom), with which it has maintained excellent working relations for over forty years, owing to the fact that the Society does not fulfil one of the conditions for recognition of new National Societies laid down by the Seventeenth International Conference of the Red Cross in Stockholm in 1948 and confirmed by the Twenty-fifth Conference in Geneva in 1986, to the effect that the applicant Society, to be entitled to recognition, must "use the name and emblem of the Red Cross or Red Crescent in conformity with the Geneva Conventions". For the same reason, the League of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies could not admit the Israeli relief society.


Soviet Red Cross and Crescent (old)

Because of the Moslems among the peoples of the Soviet Union, the Soviet Red Cross combined both symbols in its flag

Japan (old)

The Hakuai Sha (Japan Philanthropy Corporation) was established in 1877 by Tsunetami Sano. Because Japan don't adhere to International Red Cross in 1877 the flag was used for 10 years until 1887, when Japan joined the International Red Cross.

The Iranian Red Lion & Sun (old)

In 1980 the Islamic Republic of Iran decided to give up the red lion and sun and use the red crescent in its place. This flag is therefore obsolete.

Maltezer / Malteser  

Star of Life
Star of Life 2

(w. outline)

Star of Life 3

(w. shadow)

Star of Life 4
Star of life 5

First aid

Sound  3-tonig.wav3-tonig snel.wav
Safety signs  

Emergency: Green signs indicate First Aid equipment or evacuation information.