Collectie van coasters uit de jaren 1900-tot heden

Tasman 1972

Tasman 1972.ex Cargoliner-Bielefeld-Noordeling.Werf Kramer en Booy Kloostertille. Motor skl. pk. 996. dwt. 1401.

Paphos 1992

Paphos. Bouwjaar 1992. Werf Turnu-Severn. Motor caterpillar 3516. kw 1477. dwt. 3186.

Paphos 1992


Netty 1939

Sank of Sandettie on 2.7.1963, after being in collision with the Italian tanker FINA CANADA in thick fog, during a voyage from Amsterdam to Jersey with a cargo of grain. crew of five were picked up from two lifebaots by FINA CANADA