M.S. Trans Marmara

Call Sign LAFS6. Imo 9268239. Year of Buid 2003. d.w.t. 5814. Flag Norway.

M.S. Kasteelborg.

Call Sign PFSP. Imo 9155937. Year of Buid 1998. d.w.t. 9085. Flag Netherlands.


M.S. Sommen

Call Sign SLOM. Imo 8115576. Year of Buid 1983. d.w.t. 6150. Flag Sweden.

M.S. Cellus

Call Sign DIUR. Imo 9173317. Year of Buid 1998. d.w.t. 6350. Flag Germany.

M.S. Patricia Essberger

Call Sign Dalu. Imo 9212486. Year of Buid 2000. d.w.t.4500. Flag Germany.