History of Mayhem

Mayhem Mayhem was formed in 1984 by Euronymous (guitar), Manheim (drums) and Necrobutcher (bass).
They are the oldest of the Norwegian Black/Death Metal bands.
The name "Mayhem" was derived from the title of a Venom song, "Mayhem With Mercy".

Mayhem's first recording effort came in 1986 with the release of the cult demo, "Pure Fucking Armageddon".
Maniac became the vocalist in autumn 1986, and in the winter of 1987 Mayhem entered Creative Studio's
to record the now classic "Deathcrush" demo.
This was later re-released as a mini-LP on Mayhem's record label Posercorpse Music in 1000 copies.

After this release Maniac and Manheim left the band in 1988 and were replaced by Dead (vocals) and Hellhammer (drums).
The band then recorded 2 songs, "The Freezing Moon" and "Carnage", for the CBR Compilation album.
After this the band toured East Germany and Turkey.

In april 1991 vocalist Dead committed suicide and shortly after this Necrobutcher left the band.

In 1992 the band finally got back on track. Mayhem entered the Grieg Memorial Hall to record their long awaited
debut album "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas".
For "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" Euronymous attracted Attila Csihar from Hungaria to do the vocals.

In 1993 Euronymous was murdered by Grishnackh who played bass on "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas".
In addition to run the band Euronymous also had an record company "Deathlike Silence Productions"
and a recordshop "Helvete".

In 1994 "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" was finally released and dedicated to Euronymous.

In 1995 Hellhammer reformed Mayhem. He brought forth original members Necrobutcher (bass) and Maniac (vocals).
He also brought forth a new member, guitarist Blasphemer.
After a silence of 3 years Mayhem released in 1997 the mini album "Wolf's Lair Abyss",
they also did the "Mayhem Invades England Tour" that same year.

In 1999 Mayhem released the live album "Mediolanum Capta Est", which was recorded in 2-11-1998 in Milan, Italy.

In 2000 Mayhem released "Grand Declaration Of War"

In 2001 Mayhem released "European Legions" and "U.S. Legions".

In 2004 Mayhem released "Chimera" and in November of that year Maniac leaves Mayhem.
Shortly after that Attila (vocals) is re-united with Mayhem.

In 2007 Mayhem released "Ordo Ad Chao".