You are presently visiting my old website about the U.S. Army XIX Corps. I wanted to go a big step forward by creating a new non profit foundation which would be keeping alive the memory of the XIX Corps and all its assigned or attached units during the years 1944 1945.  The new foundation will be called the General Corlett Foundation ( General Corlett was the first combat commanding officer of the XIX Corps ( March 1944 until mid October 1944 )).

For the future non profit foundation, I even have started to create a complete new website. The new site is based on the old XIX Corps website but is not yet finished. Weekly Im are updating the new website. A tryout version is placed at:

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Will look forward for any comment about this new website Im are presently working on. Are searching for volunteers whom could help us in finding additional detail information, about the XIX Corps and its units during the years 1944 1945. Also individuals whom could assist us translate the pages on the new website in a foreign language such as Dutch, French or even German.

Arno Lasoe
September 1944 straat 5
6418 AV Heerlen ( The Netherlands )