In the past adding some customization to Jordan Russell's Inno Setup one had to look for pieces of code and implement them into their own script. Now with this new generation of ISSI it's possible to add prefab functionality to Inno with just a few lines of code. These includes use the basic include functionality to quickly add and remove various customization. This is a great advantage to manually incorporating the desired customization into each script.


Add new functionality to your setups created with Inno Setup in three easy steps:


Step 1: Download ISSI to your folder where you keep your Inno Setup Script (.iss) files.


Step 2: Add a few lines to the top of your setup script to activate the desired functionality.


Step 3: Compile your setup and check out the resulted effects.



This is not only useful for new users of Inno Setup, also experienced users might find it useful to be able to quickly implement some functionality in various scripts without much of a hassle. Some might even be inspired to create their own library of frequently used functions.


Some functions are based on publicly available example scripts, see individual ISSI functions for details.



ISSI Features:



System requirements
To use ISSI powered functions you need the following installed:




Check out the:


ISSI supports many languages, for example: English, Bosnian, Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish**


**) It may be possible new languages were added in the meantime.


For more help visit the Inno Setup Third Party Newsgroup or the ISSI Forums


ISSI supports the Portable Application Description (PAD) format.

The ISSI-PAD file can be found here: