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The Anabarfarfbybarf Company was founded in 1990 by  Bart Bakker, also known as Bartholomeo Padaria, aka Barf. We are located in Bergen Op Zoom, The Netherlands.

We create colorfull digital comic art and illustations for web and print use. Birthdaycards, Birth, Wedding and funeralcards, CD covers, logo’s. 

In the shop you can buy “Los Monstruos clothing”. Crazy big eyed monsters in happy colors. But also great glow in the dark and reflector designs.

In the art albums we have examples of our work  ARTbybART, Bartoons,

Los Monstruos, Amcor Saffi and the making of a monster guitar.

Anabarfarfbybarf is the proud owner of Saffi. He’s A fun way to deal with a serious topic Saffi became the official Amcor safety mascotte and has won the CEO award for safety 2014. earlier that year Saffi had won the ATP President Award for safety 2014. In 2013 Saffi was nominated for the ATP President Award for safety. Saffi’s name is short for ‘saf’ety ‘fi’rst and is a dutch slang word for a ciggy.

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Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/bartholomeo.padaria

YouTube  : http://www.youtube/artbybart