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WMixer is a Mixer written for WindowMaker.

  • It dynamicly adjust the number of mixers to the numer of mixer supported by your soundcard.
  • It can store and restore the mixer settings during startup and shutdown. (See the README file in the tar.gz file).
  • You can mute all the mixer.
  • It probes the mixer to see if a mixer has changed by an other application (e.g. xmms).
  • This probing can be turned off.
  • You also can set the recording input.
  • Changing the left and right channel separate or lock them together.

Known bugs:
  • With some soundcards it is not possible to detect how many mixer they have so you end up with 24 mixer. This gives quite a large window.

It needs the following:
  • WindowMaker 5.1 or higher (at least that's what I have tested)
  • WINGs Library (and libwraster,libtiff,libXpm,libpng,libjpeg .., but these have come with your distribution I hope)
  • PropList Library, depends on WindowMaker version if needed (see WindowMaker homepage)
  • /dev/mixer ...

If you have questions/suggestions/comments about this program please mail me at avanriessen@home.nl.

wmMixer 0.2wmMixer 0.1
Screenshot of WMMixer Screenshot of WMMixer


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