Bracelets These braclets are made for my wife. After they where lasercut they where heated en formed into the right shape.


  • By: A.A. van Zoelen
  • On: 18/05/2020

Leather art

Leather An engraving done on leather to personalize the bracelet.


  • By: A.A. van Zoelen
  • On: 17/05/2020

AZ FM-AM radio

AZ FM-AM radio Time for another radio build.
I got my hands on a digital radio chip, the Si4730-v2. Sadly there was hardly any information available for it. I found one image that was in chinese that had some information about the pins. When i managed to get sound out of it i felt confident to make a radio.
The radio should get the looks of this vintage Tesla Talisman 308u radio model.

AZ FM-AM radio Tinkercad was started in the browser and the case was modeled. Not everything was right at once but the basic shape is there. I did make a 3D print but i wasn't pleased with the result. Then i made exported the model as a laser cut file and make the case from wood. That looked much better despite it had all those tiny details that had to made by hand and glued to it. Three small button where 3D printed.

AZ FM-AM radio The final result.
It's a tiny radio just for FM and AM reception.
Si4730-v2, Wemos D1 mini, KY-040 encoder with button, 2 push buttons, 0.96" OLED 124x64 I2C display

AZ FM-AM radio The radio can be controlled with the buttons, via a serial cable or as shown here just via a web browser.


  • By: A.A. van Zoelen
  • On: 16/05/2020

Games storage

Games storage We have many small games and they where scattered all over the place. So a neat and simple storage for them was highly needed.


  • By: A.A. van Zoelen
  • On: 30/04/2020

The great wave of Kanagawa

The great wave of Kanagawa The great wave of Kanagawa. The original is made by Katsushika Hokusai around 1831. This one is 100 x 80 mm and engrave into a ceramic tile.


  • By: A.A. van Zoelen
  • On: 20/04/2020


Trinket While experimenting with the laser cutter i make this small trinket.
A image of bamboo on wood. Size 63 x 33 mm.


  • By: A.A. van Zoelen
  • On: 14/04/2020


Horse Some laser art. A friend of my asked if i could burn the image of a horse onto wood. After some experimentation i had this 400 x 400 mm sized image on wood for him.


  • By: A.A. van Zoelen
  • On: 10/04/2020

Thickness sander

Thickness sander As said bow making means more tools.
Drum sander The limbs are made up from pieces of wood strips of about 2 mm thick. To make the strips at the right thickness you need to sand them down. This can be done by hand or with this tool.


  • By: A.A. van Zoelen
  • On: 08/04/2020

Drum sander

Drum sander Bow making means more tool are needed. Like a drum sander. You can buy one or make one. Ofcourse i do the last option.


  • By: A.A. van Zoelen
  • On: 03/04/2020

Bow making

Bow making Finaly i made the decision to make my own laminated bow. To make one i need a mold. This heavy piece outlines the future shape of the bow.


  • By: A.A. van Zoelen
  • On: 03/04/2020

Water softener

Water softener You may wonder and think what is this? Well, this is a water softener. To work properly it needs rock salt to do it's job. One load of rock salt will last about 6 months. So you can imagion that after 6 months i don't remember anymore to check the salt level. So, domotica to the rescue. I've made and added a salt level indicator. And when the salt level gets too low an announcement is made throughout the house to fill it again.


  • By: A.A. van Zoelen
  • On: 01/04/2020


Pizza The lockdown caused that we had to spend more time at home and less contact with others. Others such as the pizza delivery service. I live to far away from any pizza delivery service so nothing really changed. But i had more time to perfect my own pizza baking skills.


  • By: A.A. van Zoelen
  • On: 20/03/2020

Barn extention

Barn extention This was a long project, a barn extention. I added the left side. For material i used the old pavement of a terrace that had to go. Added a new and slightly larger roof. It is a bit larger so it now can hold 4 solar panels.


  • By: A.A. van Zoelen
  • On: 07/03/2020


Polisher Not something i needed but I made it anyway. A polisher to polish small objects. You put the object in the jar and add some abrasive material. Turn it on and let it spin for a day or so.


  • By: A.A. van Zoelen
  • On: 05/03/2020


Gridblaster Still corona virus time. We have to stay at home. Time to make some additional tools. This is a grit blasting cabinet.


  • By: A.A. van Zoelen
  • On: 18/02/2020


strap My selfmade wooden watch needed a new strap.
I made a new one. This one is also made of wood and consist of 82 tiny pieces.


  • By: A.A. van Zoelen
  • On: 10/02/2020

Duckmaster Games

Duckmaster games trophee For the upcoming Duckmaster Games shooting with longbows I made a trophee for the winner and a token for each participant.

Duckmaster games trophee


  • By: A.A. van Zoelen
  • On: 18/01/2020


Box for holding materials to do nails My wife asked me to make a cabinet to hold all the materials for doing her nails.
The result is shown here


  • By: A.A. van Zoelen
  • On: 11/01/2020

3D Laser cut

Tudor rose I tried to find the correct settings for the lasercuttter and to sculpt wood in more depth.


  • By: A.A. van Zoelen
  • On: 04/01/2020

Chrismas card

Chrismas card The annual Christmas card.
Every year i make a Best Wishes card or item for my wife. This year it is a popup card.
Chrismas card


  • By: A.A. van Zoelen
  • On: 01/01/2020
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