Sanding tool
Sanding tool This tool is made for a friend of mine.
His hobby is making all kind of traditional wooden bows. For this he need to a lot of sanding to make the wood smooth and to the right thickness. This tool can sand wood to any thicknes between 0 and 50 mm thickness. You have to attach a electric drill to the sanding drum to power it.
While sanding will make a lot of dust you can use a vacuum cleaner to suck the dust away. An additional 3D printed cyclone dust collector is added to the setup to save you the price of a few vacuum cleaner bags. Sanding tool Sanding tool


  • By: A.A. van Zoelen
  • On: 10/01/2019

All wood compound bow

Wooden compound bow This beauty took me about 6 months to build. Not full time but just in the spare time i had. It's made of airplane multiplex , which is constructed out of layered birch wood. A sheet of 5 mm contains 9 layers and the riser is build up with ten 5 mm sheets total.
Wooden compound bow The top and bottom cam is also made of wood and even the sight is wood.
The bow is a one cam system equal to the PST Stinger type bows. Wooden compound bow Wooden compound bow
A few more pictures of the sight can be seen here


  • By: A.A. van Zoelen
  • On: 05/01/2019

Chrismas card

Chrismas card And the traditon continues.
Every year i make a Best Wshes card or item for my wife. This year it is was a small wooden frame with a nice pattern glued in it.
Eight sheets of thick paper cut with a lasercutter.
Size 202 x 202 x 4 mm.


  • By: A.A. van Zoelen
  • On: 01/01/2019
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