A few months ago Martin Benedikt Redigolo came in touch with me about making a donation for JDS. Although i offer the tool for free he insisted to make a donation. I told him that if he would make one then donate something to a good case and not to me. So he did and i am very pleased with what he did. So to honor his generous gesture here it is.

Donation to Kinderen Kankervrij (Childern Cancer free foundation)





  • By: A.A. van Zoelen
  • On: 16/11/2008 05:45:56

Finaly back online

Due to a move to a new house i had to bring my server down for a short while. Sadly enough this 'short while' became 4 months. I have still so much work to do in my new house that new postings aren't very likely to be seen very soon. However great ideas are still evolving and there are a few nice things to come.

Coming back to that on a later time.

  • By: A.A. van Zoelen
  • On: 13/10/2008 03:42:24

Ports of Call DS update 7

Ports of Call DS is now in beta testing and most of the bugs are ironed out. I still have a very irritating bug to hammer out. This one causes your ship to crash in a harbor when a few very special conditions are met. I am now able to reproduce the bug and thats 90% of solving it.

  • By: A.A. van Zoelen
  • On: 09/06/2008 09:48:14

Ports of Call DS Update 6

Ahoy Captain! Ships ahead!This is a screen of the work in progress of the last event that needs to be included in Ports of Call DS. If you tell someone how such radar screen must respond then it sounds quiet easy but to make it react like intended is rather challenging. At the moment i am struggling with rotating the radar blobs around the center when the ship turns. I know how the math has to be done but translating that to code (and the right var types) isn't as easy as it sounds. Atleast not for me.

See the progress site for the current standing.

  • By: A.A. van Zoelen
  • On: 28/04/2008 21:34:57

Ports of Call DS update 5

The harbor of Point Hope (Alaska)Ever been to Point Hope in Alaska? (view through to porthole)

With Ports of Call DS you can. I've finished all the events, artwork and coding exept for the radar. That part is in the game but not yet functional. I've added some sounds already to dress up the game even more. I am playing with the game to find most of the bug although i know that i will miss quiet a few bugs. I am nearing its first beta release date.

  • By: A.A. van Zoelen
  • On: 13/04/2008 20:55:22

Ports of Call DS update 4

Cabin view on New York

It's about time for another update. Although i only make slowly progress there is at least some progress. The bug checks are taking more and more time despite the short cuts i take in testing. But each and every functions and event needs to be tested before i continue on the next one. I still have to test two events that i programmed already and i only need to make two new events to finish the coding for the game framework. After that i will start adding various sound effects throughout the game.

Things well go even more slowly from now on because i will move to a new house and the house needs some major renovations before it's suitable to live in.

See the Port of Call DS site for the current standing.

  • By: A.A. van Zoelen
  • On: 14/02/2008 19:57:43

Comments and replies

Oh my dear!

Spam was in control of my mail account. I had something to do about it. So I've put on a mechanism in place called whitelisting to reduce spam. It really worked 100%. I didn't recieve any mails for the last few weeks. Or could it maybe be due to a faulthy e-mail address that i put in. Who knows?

Anyway, in case i didn't respond to your request then you know why. If the question, comment or chitchat is still an open issue then please don't hesitate to re-send it.



  • By: A.A. van Zoelen
  • On: 27/01/2008 09:43:32

Ports of Call DS update 3

Ports of Call Ds - screenshot 4

Ahoy! Sailors!

A new update again.

Here's a screenshot of one of the 28 harbour in Ports of Call DS. This is the harbour of New York and the ship is ready to leave.

The ship is controled with the stylus just as everything else in the game. You have the manouver the ship out of the harbour without hitting anything and within the time limit.

Now i am working on the last few events in the game and after that i can add sounds to it.


  • By: A.A. van Zoelen
  • On: 25/01/2008 21:02:39

Ports of Call DS

This week i made a lot of progrss with Ports of Call DS. Now i am still working on a few information screens and after that i will add more events to the game. I'll keep you updated.

  • By: A.A. van Zoelen
  • On: 13/01/2008 19:30:26

Ports of Call DS

Buying a ship in Ports of Call DSProgress is going quiet well with Ports of Call DS. So good even that i descided to put a little teaser online of the progress.

The game mechanics are in place and the basic elements such as trade and travel can be done. What is still left open is banking and map events. When i am finished with those parts i know how much memory is still available for sound effects and music.


Have a look at the Ports of Call DS progress site for more information.

  • By: A.A. van Zoelen
  • On: 05/01/2008 19:36:20
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