Last month i was in Berlin for the Microsoft's TechEd 2009 developers edition. At the same time the city had a celibration of the fall of the Berlin wall
I was there, watched it and went into to city afterwards. Later that week i visited the Bundestag with it marvelous dome. On top of the Bundestag i made this picture.


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  • On: 25/12/2009 20:10:23

The end of the summer

The summer is past, the leaves are falling, it's Fall again. Looking back at a great summer. A lot has happened. Some good and some bad. One of the good things is this huge (Zucchini).

52 cm long and weighting a whooping 2.5 kg...


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  • On: 25/10/2009 09:00:03

Back in time

When my daughter was still a todler she liked the story of the hunchback of the Notredame very much. For her i made this simple painting on a sliding door panel. That was more then 10 years ago.

Recently i came upon this panel again. Eventually it will be salvaged but to preserve the memory i took a picture of it.

Just in case...


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  • On: 13/08/2009 05:03:38

A Folley

My watermill

What am i doing lately?

Well it's summer overhere so i am working mostly outside, in the garden to be more precise. I have a large garden that needs to be cleaned up and rearranged again. So while i am at it i also planned to intergrade a folley into it.

A folley? Well according Wikipedia, a folly is a building constructed strictly as a decoration, having none of the usual purposes of housing or sheltering associated with a conventional structure.

Is that a old pond?I looked at the materials that i had laying around to see if i could scavendish it and make it more usefull. I had a large circulair pond of about 2 meters in diameter that i didn't use. Actually it was the neighbours pond that was thrown away.





The bearingI made an axel from some pvc tube and added 3 spokes to it. Some old bearing made it turn easy. The bearings have an outside diameter of 28 mm and they had to fit in a pipe of 110mm... So you can imagion the number of extra rings that i had to add to come to that diameter. All pieces where glued togehter and i sdded a  few pop nails for extra strenght.



Side viewThen i layed down the foundation. Note, all the concrete for the foundation and for the bricklaying was done by hand. Then i just start stacking up brick with concrete between them. You must know that i never did this kind of work before so i progressed very slowly and learning the technics while doing so.


Rear view

It's amazing how labour intensive this kind of work is! It took me twee weeks to come to just this stage. The water basin is double stone so it hopefully can resist the ice when King Winter shows up again. To make the basin watertight i covered it on the inside with pond rubber.


For an extra touch i made a doorpost with a gotic arch. I wanted to have the look and feel of an unfinished piece of work. The workers of years gone by have left for lunch and have yet to come back.

The watermill will eventually be intergraded with the pond that still have to be digged


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  • On: 09/08/2009 14:16:59

Our house

Old kitchen

The last year i did a lot of work to modernize our new house so the blog was coming a bit in second place. But if you see the pictures below then you will see that the time was well spend. The kitchen was one of the first project that i finished


Old Kitchen

New kitchenNew kitchen









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  • On: 01/07/2009 04:31:59


Bogmen by A.A. van ZoelenWhile sitting on the couch i was bored till i noticed some cardboard tubes (toiletrol holders) next to the woodstove. I remembered the artwork i had seen on this page . 30 Minutes later i had 3 faces finished.

Bogmen detail

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  • On: 11/05/2009 04:10:49

What's going on?

It's a long, long time ago since i posted my last message. My life has changed alot ever since. I bought a new stone house and started to do some reconstruction. By now i've made a new bathroom, washroom, storage, kitchen, livingroom, 2 bedrooms and started development of the attic. I replaced the heating, plumbing, isolation, electic, added home control, a solar boiler and some other stuff. The work is now about 80% finished. In the meantime there where also some sad periods. My father, my mother in law and a close uncle all died after a long struggle. Also my dog died after eating some poisonous fungee. However i am still looking a the future and what to come.


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  • On: 24/03/2009 12:13:23
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