Ports of Call DS

Ports of Call DS

Work is finished

This version isn't a one-on-one port of the original game since i don't have the original source code and algorithms. I just played the game a few hunderd times and wrote down everything i encountered. I took me nearly two years to get everything worked out on paper. I added my own sounds and music and i made one little change on the world map so you now can give orders to your ships while they are on their way. That issue was so annoying.

I also tried to contact mister D. Klein (one of the creators) for more then two years. I never, never got a reply back from him and my mail didn't bounce. I tried by email, pm and via his website. Nada, nothing! Till to day mister Klein never made contact
In 2009 i finished the project and how funny, just before i would release PoC for free i am contacted by Martin Ulrich (the other author). We had a nice conversation and he explained politely the situation, including copyrights and such. I agreed with him not to release the game publicly.

For a moment there was still a chance that a DS version of PoC would come out. I was told that they where planning to bring out their own version for the DS and maybe they could make use of my code to start with. I shared the code for review but it was rejected due to the use of prohibited libraries (prohibited by Nintendo). They are now waiting for more then two years now for the approval of Nintendo and the get their SDK. I then offered to release PoC DS as a freeware version like they did years ago with the classic DOS version. Just a release to generate attention for the game so it may boost sells on the other versions and on the other platforms. That idea was also rejected.

Why i am telling you all of this you may wonder?
Well it's all due to the harsh words of mister Klein in his forum.
For the record, I've dealt with other companies on license issues before and none was so rude as mister Klein behind my back. They where all far more polite, grown up and with much greater vision for the future. In the end the companies where allowed to use my code to promote their product and boost their sales for free...

In German

Translated to English

So there it is. No public release of PoC DS to be expected soon and with the DS nearing it's end of it's life-cycle i wouldn't have to much hope for it.



Game flow

  • 28 Harbor maps
  • Ships
  • Views
  • Intro
  • Worldmap
  • Shiptrade
  • Trade
  • Economics
  • 110 trade routes
  • Sounds
  • Smugglers offer
  • Smugglers catch
  • Bribe handling
  • Max. ship detection
  • Refueling
  • Shipyard
  • Lay-up
  • Off map
  • Damage control
  • Time out
  • Docking right
  • Passing area right
  • Daily costs
  • Out of fuel
  • Fuel consumption
  • Shipmarket trend
  • Selling ships
  • Burglary
  • Extra mortage
  • Re-pay mortage
  • Expire date mortage
  • Get credit
  • Repay credit
  • Expire date credit
  • Move homeport
  • Office information
  • Office ship info
  • Storms
  • Ice bergs
  • Reefs
  • Shallow waters
  • office profit-losses
  • Sinking
  • Pirats
  • Rats
  • Quarantine
  • Rescue raft
  • Time based cargo
  • Warzone
  • Buy ships
  • Sell ships
  • Trading
  • Travel
  • Economics
  • Timeflow
  • Docking
  • Ranking
  • Bankruptcy
  • Game over
  • Game end
  • Save game
  • Load game
  • Load game in progress
  • Set game time
  • Preset game time passed
  • Statistics 200 days
  • Weather system
  • Daily stats
  • Bank accounts
ROM Size : 1900 Kb