Zoelen Media Center v4 Part 1

ZMC v3 ZMC was originaly written for HomeSeer 2 but i got quiet a few requests for running it with HomeSeer 3. Despite i am not a HS3 user i started converting the script. Because HomeSeer made so many changes to their scripting engine i ended up rewritting most of the script. While doing this i solved some annoying issues that i had with the HS2 version and i added some cool extra features such as multi unit support.

So what is possible with this version?

- Runs in HomeSeer 3
- Control up to 8 units
- Max. number of output is 96(or 64 when using XAP400)
- Max number of microphones is 8
- Added a setup to create all the devices for you
- Simplified the configuration
- Added StartMediaPlayer call
- Added RestoreUnit call

Please make sure you read at least de Quick Setup Notes before starting off.

Because the design principles have stayed the same you should read the pages about ZMC v3 to get an idea what is going on and so you can fix any issues when implementing this script. While i've tried to make this as easy as possible the XAP audio mixer (or any audio mixer) is a piece of high end equipment that can be daunting to master without any knowledge of the basics.

ZMC v4 Setup