Battery powered AM tube radio

AM Radio

While working on an all room controlled audio system i needed an audio source as input to check various settings and volume levels. Searching through various boxes for an old radio or such i found an old radio valve. An left over from a experiment many, many moons ago.

Tube radio The distraction hit me as soon as i touched that valve. I would make a radio with this one.

The radio is powered by only 9 Volt and 6 volt for the filament. If it wasn't for the filament that drains about 200mA i would be able to make it completly solar powered because the 9 volt anode only drains 13mA

Tube radio For the other parts i used mostly old items. The only part bought later on is a 100K potmeter used for volume control. It's amazing how few parts you need to make a radio with a tube and the abuse it can take will experimenting with different component values, shortages and wiring parts incorrectly. Don't try that with modern transistors!