Steampunk man

My dear colleague, what brings you here?’ i asked. 

A strong person step out of the shadows and into the well lit hall. Here carried some luggage with him which he dropped on the floor next to the now closed door. I took his coat and accompanied him to my study. ‘Mr Jonathan Nightingale Lait, what can i do for you at this strangest hour of the day?’ i asked him while poking into the fireplace to get the flames going again. He didn’t say a word but instead he revealed a small box that he was hiding till then in his pocket. ‘I’ve decided that you can make use of this device so you can prove you’re theory right’ and he handed over the small box. I accepted the box and while holding my breath i slowly opened it.

There is was, the amazing ‘Time-Viewing Monoggle’. Only rumors where heard about it and now there it is in the palm of my hand. ‘You can only use it ounce but that must be enough for you to prove that Leonardo DaVinci is the founder of the present technology. I am rather intrigued by your idea and more than curious in you findings so please proceed. I’ve marked the time piece already for the right era.’ With a steady hand i put on the monogoggle. A moment i felt disappointment because nothing seemed to happen but then things started to blur out quickly. There he was, Leonardo drawing one of his famous drawings. I slowly approached him and looked over his shoulder at his work. Leonardo just finished the drawing that he worked on and put it aside while mumbling something about that the world isn’t ready for this yet and that it would be better if he kept this a secret. Leonardo stood up and hides the drawing in a concealed place in the wall. Time is up and my vision started to get blurry again and sadly brought me back to my own time. I handed over the monogoggle to the rightful owner and thanked him for making use of it. At that moment our paths separated again and he left the house. That was four months ago. Now i am standing in a room of an old building in
Italy that look so familiar to me. I’ve been in this room before, virtual and centuries back in time but nevertheless. I start to examine the wall in front of me. Because i have the knowledge where to look it isn’t hard for me to find and open the concealed place.Click image to see a larger one

 ‘It’s still there’ i whisper. My hands tremble as i carefully take out the treasure. There it is again. The drawing of a visionary man who was his age centuries ahead. I looked at in full beauty and smiled. ‘It really exists. Leonardo’s Steampunk man’