Cash Invaders is a space shooting game for MS-DOS. It was inspired by Space Invaders, Blood Money, SpaceBastards and some other games. You shoot aliens to earn money, with that money you can buy power-ups. There are 100 levels plus 10 bonus levels. All graphics are raytraced with 3D Studio Max.

Minimum system requirements:
Pentium 133mhz or faster (*)
VGA compatible videocard
Soundblaster or compatible (optional)
Joystick (optional)

(*) Pentium 133mhz was the slowest processor i could test the game on, maybe it also runs on a pentium 90Mzh, maybe even on a 486. If you can test the game on a low-end PC, please let me know if it runs okay or not.

Video created by Kris Asick of

Video created by Meth of
Download Cash Invaders here:

File size: 416kb
File date: 20 nov 2003
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22-dec-2002: version 1.0 initial release
20-nov-2003: version 1.1 bugfix, customised keys were not saved, now fixed (thanks to MrGoofy for pointing out this HUGE bug)

Cash Invaders is freeware, so feel free to copy and redistribute the game as much as you like, as long as all files remain unchanged.

Tip: If you don't get any sound when playing in Windows, you could try using VDMSound.
Or try DOSBox to play Cash Invaders in Windows, MacOS, Linux etc, just set CPU Cycles to about 15000 or higher.

(by the way, you can check out my other games on this page.)

You can send an e-mail with your HISCORES.DAT file, and your scores will be added to this list. (if you want your scores to link to your homepage or e-mail address, please say so in your e-mail)