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LCD games games
lcdgame.js lcdgame.js, playable simulations of LCD games, handheld electronic games of the 1980s.
lcdgame.js source lcdgame.js, JavaScript source code on GitHub.
GIMP images high resolution source images for some of the LCD games, with shapes and buttons on separate layers.

iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad and HP Palm Pre/Pre3/TouchPad games
Apple iPhone Palm WebOS
Snake Slider Snake Slider Snake Slider is an innovative new puzzle game, slide the green snake to the exit.
Snake Slider Lite Snake Slider Lite Snake Slider Lite has fewer puzzles and no editor, but it's completely free
Triple Dutch Triple Dutch Triple Dutch is a Dutch-themed puzzle game with 100 puzzles based on windmills, flowers and cheese.
Break The Code Break The Code Break The Code is a classic game of logic and deduction, glossy graphics and lots of options.

E-Motion Deluxe 831 Kb E-Motion Deluxe, a remake of the action/puzzle game "E-Motion", see E-Motion Deluxe page for more details

Cash Invaders 389 Kb A space invaders clone, my biggest project yet. See the separate Cash Invaders page for more details

Snakeslider 238 Kb A puzzle game for Windows, slide the green snake to the exit. A mix between Rush Hour and Nibbler resulting in a totally new game. (more Rush Hour clones)
mekpuzzles 2 Kb Someone was kind enough to create many original new puzzles, see
decode2ch 2 Kb Another great page with lots of new puzzles, see decode2ch 2 3 4 5

Photoscramble 2.0 261 Kb Newer version of photoscramble, a shuffle puzzle with custom picture (any *.BMP or *.JPG), any grid size, with optional tilenumbers, grid, border, time and moves display and a zoom function. 20 Kb The Borland Delphi 5.0 source files of Photoscramble 2.0

ArrowSlider 150 Kb A simple sliding puzzle game for Windows. Slide the arrow tiles to the goal layout, tiles can only slide in direction of arrow. 23 Kb The Borland Delphi 5.0 source files of ArrowSlider

My screensaver 710 Kb A screensaver that plays any movie using Mediaplayer, with mute / random order / save position options and a playlist (mirrors: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11) 21 Kb The Visual Basic 5.0 source code of the MovieScreensaver

UrthWurm 19 Kb A small DOS game where you guide a wurm though a cave. It's a remake of SFCave (play java version). (mirrors: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19) also see Equilib 75 Kb The Tubo Pascal 7.0 source files and graphics of Urthwurm.

my other files
datasetmultitool.html 35 Kb Dataset multi-tool to interpret, convert and reformat datasets. Automatically detects datatypes for fixed-length, csv and tab separated datasets and has SQL output.
randomdata.html 23 Kb Random data generator, JavaScript to generate random data for test purposes, supports custom datadefinition and outputs data in format SQL, XML or CSV. 24 Kb screenshot Pitman puzzle game, adapted as CellScript textfile for CellSpace 575 Kb screenshot Mario Paint Composer to Music Box is a freeware a tool which converts song files into paper strips for music boxes like the DIY Music Box from Kikkerland or the Sankyo Seiki Organette. Delphi source files included. 320 Kb template for printing FujiFilm FinePix REAL 3D stereo photos so they can be viewed in a MF Folding viewer (aka 3D Souvenir viewer) 27 Kb Excel sheet with VBA macro for app developers, to manage multilanuage translations for use in XCode (iPhone) or Eclipse (Android) or Visual Studio
stringsconvert.html 10 Kb Javascript for Xcode Localizable.strings and Android strings.xml file conversion 94 Kb The puzzle game PITMAN for MZ-700, playable with the MZxEmu. 487 Kb screenshot Sprite colorize demo in GLBasic, source files and binary (more info). 11 Kb A VBScript for App Store developers to convert earnings and payments files into payments per app. (more info) 113 Kb screenshot GW-BASIC program to display 16 color BMP files in CGA composite mode (color burst) using dithering 185 Kb An example of a glossy tile icon and a glossy orb icon, create your own glossy icons with the Paint Shop Pro PSD files. 217 Kb videogame sheet music for piano, 3 themes, Thexder, Lotus III and Splatterhouse-ending (includes PDF and midi). 507 Kb GLBasic implementation of a 3D rotating starfield, source files and executable
password generator 9 Kb JavaScript password and random number generator 4 Kb Notepad++ syntax highlighting LabWare LIMS Basic, zipfile contains settings file for Notepad++ 3 Kb Notepad++ syntax highlighting for GLBasic, zipfile contains settings file for Notepad++ 10 Kb Notepad++ syntax highlighting for Blitz Basic, BlitzMax, Blitz+ and BlitzBasic 3D files, zipfile contains a userDefineLang.xml configuration file for Notepad++ 586 Kb SEGA videogame sheet music for piano, Out Run, Space Harrier, Alex Kidd in Miracle World (includes PDF and midi) 4 Outrun themes Magical Sound Shower, Splash Wave (another version here), Passing Breeze, Last Wave. 212 Kb videogame sheet music for piano, 4 themes, Leisure Suit Larry, Metro-Cross, Spy vs Spy and Rick Dangerous (includes PDF and midi). 2 Kb VBScript to delete old files, this VBS deletes files older than given number of days with filemask handling function, example "deleteold.vbs c:\log\*.txt 365" 7 Kb VBA module to easily import fixed length text files into Excel using schema.ini
7 Kb 2 files with which you can very easily create an online photoalbum, for example like this or like this. 250 Kb screenshot A tool to easily and quickly rename photos to more meaningfull filenames, handy for renaming digital camera photos or repair sequence names etc. (source included). 6 Kb screenshot Sprite colorize demo in Blitzbasic, source files only.
countdown.html 4 Kb javascript countdown, utterly useless, i know.. ;)
fusker.html 6 Kb javascript fusker, takes an URL and displays all pictures on 1 page (see this example) 332 Kb screenshot Vectorballs demo in Blitzbasic, incl. source files (more info) 9 Kb Blitzbasic implementation of a 3D rotating starfield, source files only (more info)
timelapse movie 40.3 MB View on youtube, or download with eDonkey or eMule. A time lapse movie of the may fair being constructed on the Grote Markt in Groningen, may 2003. Created using this site 14 Kb download lots of pictures, or other numbered files, at once. For example pic01.jpg, pic02.jpg, pic03.jpg etc. Includes Visual Basic source 12 Kb aargh.sol, bargh.sol and cargh.sol files to enable autosolve in the sliding puzzle game Argh3 and a 'solution extractor' for Argh! (btw more similar sliding puzzles as Java applets) 343 Kb screenshot the famous 15puzzle with custom picture (any .BMP) and grid from 3x3 up to 15x15. (incl. BlitzBasic Source) (mirrors: 1 2 3 4 5 6)
urlscanner.html ?? Kb scans through an URL, so you don't have to update the number manually (see this example) 299 Kb automatically start a program when you insert a CD, for example WinAMP for CD's with MP3's. Can recognize audiofiles, videofiles, VCD's, audio CD's and playstation CD's 53 Kb a birthday reminder for Windows, small, no installer, multi-user, multi-language, Delphi source included. (mirrors: 1 2 3) 10 Kb Convert or batch convert textfiles from and to MS-DOS, Unix and Macintosh (source included) 4 Kb a Microsoft-Word document with a template for a cd-r cover 9 Kb Blood Bros FAQ hints on how to play it (more info on Blood Bros).
2001aug21_firenze.jpg 293 Kb panorama Firenze (Florence, Italy) taken from Piazzale Michelangelo (high-resolution version) 11 Kb plays RTTTL ringtone-filesthrough the pc-speaker, plus some examples (more info). 11 Kb source of Convert RTTTL (Turbo Pascal 7.0) 5 Kb Example of a big scroller in text mode, now fixed for Win2k/NT (source included) 4 Kb Example of a little trick in text mode, now fixed for Win2k/NT (source included) 57 Kb 2 levels that I made (using Wormhole) for the game Liero 4 Kb file which animates the Windows95/98 startupscreen + info how it works (very old) 9 Kb file which animates the Windows95/98 startupscreen + info how it works (very old) 171 Kb some demo and game programs I made a long time ago (very old) 16 Kb Table of Katakana characters in MS-Word format. Usefull for translating menu's etc. in Japanese games
other files 224 Kb TRX view, rare file, usefull for Uniface programmers.

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