Javascript Password Generator - BdR©2010

Password mask for example: ababab00
Amount for example: 10
Wordlist Here are 4 example word lists
The password mask may contain the following characters:
a = random vowel (a e o i u)
b = random consonant (b c d f etc.)
0 = random digit (0-9)
x = random letter
y = random letter or digit
z = random letter or digit or symbol
f = random hexadecimal digit (0-f)
w = random word (uses the wordlist)
@ = random symbol (! @ # $ etc.)
Note: you can use uppercase (or 9 for digits) to only use 'password safe' characters
Generated passwords

Example 1, letters and digits
Example 2, letters only ('syllables') and mixed case
Example 3, words and numbers and use initcap