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games websites
Cheat Engine memory scanner
jay is games
indietopia from Groningen
Indie game reviewer
GameFaqs solves and cheat codes

retro games
Retro Gamer CD
Hardcore Gaming 101
mobygames game-info
Home of the Underdogs older games
MAME arcade emulator

favourite games
Super Dangerous Dungeons
Reverse Boots game
A Stroll in Space cool game
Nervous Bot cool game
My 1st Quantum Translocator
8-bit nights cool game

hacking and tools
binsearch newsgroup search
BitTorrent fastest p2p
ondertitels nederlands
flare freeware flash decompile

game programming
Phaser examples HTML5 library
HTML5 game devs forum
GLBasic (f)
iPhone SDK forum
gamedev forum
3d game programming
Steven H. Don's page example sources
@icon sushi the best icon editor

Pianofiles sheets
Reverse piano chord finder
Measurement Conversion handy
xkcd cartoons
pbfcomics cartoons movies on dutch tv
Family Guy
Modern Family
De Oogst best of TV

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