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ViewMaster reels Loreo MKII Loreo deluxe viewer ViewMaster model G Vivitar 3D viewer Vivitar 3Dcam This is my stereophotography page, I have a Vivitar 3D Cam (camera review) which works great, although the photos don't alway come out the way you expect. I've also made a homebrew stereo slider use with my digital camera, only for none-moving scenes. Also, the Loreo lite 3D viewer (not in picture) is usefull for viewing printed or even on-screen photos.

Some stereophotos, click on thumbnail to view it using the Wiggle Stereoscopic Viewer, no red-blue or 3D glasses needed. The original JPG files also available, click on JPG hyperlinks. They are parallel view () and cross-eyed view ()

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jpg 135k

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Stereophotography pool photo upload and share site, see tags stereogram, stereoview, anaglyph and wiggled or check out my photos
MSN Groups 3D Stereo Photography world wide 3D centre, with pictures and messageboard.
Stereoscopy on Wikipedia in-depth overview of stereoscopy, explanations, links etc.
stereophoto world lots of information on cameras, viewers etc.
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