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This will be already our third beagle walk. The first was the end year walk in the recreation area Bussloo. The second was in Ede where we could live it up deliciously at ‘t Leesten. Both walks were for my bosses and especially for me such a success that we couldn’t wait for our next beagle walk. This time we start at restaurant Loreley between the towns Epe and Heerde. Wim and Jans bomhof  organises here for the sixth time a walk for our Beagles.

More than 50 beagles which want to walk with me. Deliciously nevertheless. Just wait for a little bit and yes we leave.

All together at restaurant Loreley

The walk on the lead through the woods

After crossed the road the first piece of the walk we must be on the lead through the woods. In the woods we dogs cannot walk free. If the forester would see us he can give us a piece of paper which has a value of 70 Euro. To save this for our bosses we will run on a short lead through the narrow path. Because I always will run first I try to pass some others but my bosses don't allow me to do so. After a while we come at a large wooden staircase and wait we for the others who walked behind us. As we are all together we go up the wooden stairs and get we as a reward a monumental view over the heathland.

The staircase on and hereafter a fantastic view over the heathland

Even waiting for all other Beagle buddies.

At last we can run over the heathland

Yes let run after each other. As the first beagle runs down to the heathland I and many other beagles run after him. What do you want more, a lot of beagles running in the enormous heathland We can run loose the complete walk on the heathland and can play nicely with each other.


Just verifying if my bosses can follow me


Nice running and romping on the heathland

Already fast I make friendship with Snoopy which comes from

Amsterdam. We find each other very nice and are almost inseparable.

When we arrive at the woods we must on the lead again. I, however will make sure that my bosses will stand next to the boss of Snoopy. So we can cuddle a little bit more on the lead. Our bosses find it, however, funny. Time after time I get a little hug from Snoopy and if he stops for a moment and look to other female beagles I give him a kind stroke until I have his attention again.

When Snoopy's boss fined it enough we take provisionally even farewell of each other.


Delicious having bathies in the  wild  swines pond

Even Beagles need their rest from time to time

Already rapidly another beagle which want gets more of me passed by.

He runs right in front of me and looks back always very sweet.

Sometimes if we get the chance we just rapidly cuddling us self. He is called Floyd and is also nice Beagle.

On the end of the big walk I succeeded to run in front of all the beagles. Together with Kelly and with Mike the dog of Wim Bomhof the man of Jans Bomhof who organised this nice walk we walk back to the point where we started three hours ago. These three hours where certainly worth it.

We leave the heathland, just wait for each other and on the lead we go on again

Walking makes us very thirsty, nicely water

After we have crossed the busy road some say good day to Wim and Jans Bomhof. Some others stay at the restaurant Loreley to eat or drink something. My bosses buy still a nice beagle sticker for on the car and if they intends their cola we also say good day to the family Bomhof and thanked them once again for this splendid walk. We drive nicely quiet back to Hengelo. At home I rest for a while, but after largely more then an hour at home I want to walk again, so I nudge my bosses. Sighing they resist to let me out again.

What can walk nevertheless nice to do? 


At home can lie I nice in the chair of my mistress, if they do not notice me then.


For everyone who has participated never to beagle walk I can say only this.

If you one time walked along you will been addicted, thus take good care before you go along for the first time. We go certainly along because I find it fantastic. Nice running and romping with other beagle friends. What more can a Beagle wishes itself still more.

Therefore Snoopy, Floyd Mike, Kelly and other beagle friends, we will meet again on the next beagle walk.


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