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On holiday to France


Ah yes, at last I could on holiday with my bosses to a far away foreign country. When my bosses last year were already 12.5 year with each other they have offered a holiday of our friendly neighbours. They can spend two weeks in their holiday house in the Lot in France and I had to come along said the neighbours. Now you understand that I want to go to France a lot. Their freehold house stands on 12Ha land, thus can I run around there deliciously and play with the many dogs that live nearby.

Can I listen also once to French barking.


On Ascension Day we left for the travel of 1200km. I must stand up already at 5 a.m. of my favourite spot on my bosses bed. Something after half six we have driven away from Hengelo. Underway I have looked at everywhere around me in Belgium and France to see if it was differently than our flat country. Until Paris we had no problems.

Only those stupid Parisians had also decided to leave Paris at the same time. Almost for 2 hours metre for metre in the car were it became warmer and warmer. Fortunately my bosses have air conditioning in the car, but nevertheless.

The last piece of travel I have spent it lying on the back seat, generally with a deliciously wet towel which ensured some cooling off.



Against 7.30 p.m. we arrived at the cottage in Boissieres. This lies near Cahors in the Lot in France.

The cottage was deliciously cold because all windows were foresee of

(closed) shutters. I am immediately examined the surroundings and that pleased me a lot. What a space, 12Ha land.

Much grass and a bunch only for me. My bosses watch me, so that I do not walk away too far. Ah there you have the next-door dogs already, let just meet them and show them that the coming 10 days I am here the boss.




The following morning we walk already early, finally that's the reason I am here for.

I want to see much of the surroundings, therefore with good courage we start we to the descent to where according to our

neighbours a small river must be. Now, after a while we encountered a small brooklet that disappointed us. The way back was only up. That and the warmth made that I did not have it easy. We walked always more slowly and arrived tired and sweated at our

cottage. Rapidly inside, just something to drink and then find a nice and cold spot.

What a heat, that's something that I am not used to. Now for today I had my walk.

I will rest deliciously. My bosses must nevertheless do some shopping.


What has they now taken along them? A plastic swimming pool for me. Now they would not think that I go there in, would they! I mud in ditches, but this is clean water. Please don't do that to me!! Perhaps I will use it as a water bowl, but by no means I go lie in there. If they want to, be my guest. That's just what they have done, the goofs.


Concerning the rest of my firstly foreign holiday I can be quite short. In the Morning we walked an hour and afterwards I choose a cold spot in the cottage and deliciously lay down to rest. It is much too warm and too much climbing for me. Yes if we descend I walk in front of course, but uphill I walk behind my bosses and follow them by whom my master courage talks to me that it is not so far anymore, yes yes. The water bowl or the "swimming pool " is my big friend if I am thirsty, other then that I rest in the coolness of the bedroom or exactly for the garden doors in the living room where I can watch my bosses well.


From time to time I look outside what my bosses are doing or if one of the next-door dogs is there. If they dare to come on my terrace I will chases them. They can look on distance how I rest with my bosses, but when they come too near I do not tolerate them.

Now okay, only the sausage dog of the other side takes the slightest notice of it.

He approach slowly and leave out themselves under the table in the

shade to flop down.


On a day that it what cloudy was we have done the wine route of Cahors. Did I come out also once they will have thought? Sometimes we made a stop to stretch just our legs and further we went. For the rest we have mainly walked the in the surroundings of the cottage. In the evening it was generally barbecue party time. One or more bits flesh on the bbq and further some rabbit food and other healthy things for my bosses. Generally I got then a bit flesh, the other thinks they may give it to the rabbits.



My holiday was nicely hears, but nevertheless something

else I had then presented myself. If they leave next year with Ascension Day with their own folding trailer, then we remain nice in the Netherlands, I will take care for that. Then I go along deliciously with them.

If my bosses go on their summery holiday to warm countries, they nicely may do this on their own.  Let me go nicely to Bernadette in Saasveld where always are nice friends to play with. I enjoy me very much here and have my own holiday.

Now if I have been on a holiday again I let you known, I will walk now firstly here in Hengelo. Nice area, flat and chilly here.