wie zijn wij ?



We are Koos & Janneke and we live in Wagenborgen, a small village in the county Groningen of the Netherlands.
Beside our passion for eachother, we share another passion:
Our three border collies and the sports we like to do with them.

Mostly we train agility, but we also like to do sheepherding, flyball and maybe in the future...frisbee. As long as our dogs have fun...for that's our main reason !
Next to this we'll sometimes plan to have some litters to improve the breed for sheepherding and the other sports as well to contribute to the health of the border collie.

It all started  back in 1993........
with a hell of a dog, Borderland's Bordercase........full of passion, a will to please and with this border,
named "Falco" a new world opened......Agility

Borderland's Bordercase "Falco"

During six years we've had a lot of fun in the agilities, for he was good....very good.

We have been Dutch Champion F.H.N., but more........

He was a companion, a friend and a first class dog as an assistant for my disabled wife Henny, who passed away for several years.He brought her the post from the mailbox and picked up everything what fell out of her hands.

MBut unfortunally, Falco didn't get old. When he was nine years old, he got cancer and there was no cure. After six months of medical treatment, bandages, medicines.........we had to make a tough decision to let him go.


After Falco, in 2003,  Fjoer fan'e Rispinge came into  my life and a full brother of Fire, Kay fan'e Rispinge came into the lives of Janneke and her sister Francien. In 2006 Fire became a friend Tweed. A year earlier Janneke & Francien became Luca, a bleu merle border.Kay passed away in 2008, just before Bo, a daughter of Luca was bought.

Fjoer fan e Rispinge


Kay fan 'e Rispinge
Luna Tale Flash "Tweed"

                     Bo & Luca

Passions merge with eachother by bringing "H ' ours to come From Shepherd's Own, first name River. Besides Fire en Tweed, the two dogs, we've got a bitch now.

H ' ours to come From Shepherd's Own  "River"

River's passion is agility and in second place sheepherding. We've also had a litter in the autumm/winter of 2013. Nine puppies were born. Two of them will stay here.

We don't want to have many litters, so now and then, for we both got our jobs and 
Fire, River & Tweed
....."Riverdew border collies"

Koos is a procesoperator with Draka Comteq, a manufacturer of telecommunication-cables and Janneke works as a productionplanner with Alescon, a company for people with a disability.