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Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Shelley Lenzen and I’m born on the 10th of mai 1955, in  little village called Souburg, in the Dutch province Zeeland. I now live in Heerlen, together with my husband Chris. We have two sons, Ben and Ruud. My affection for anmals, specially dogs, started at an early age. My mother was an animal friend thru and thru, and everyone could bring here stray dogs.

She also had dogs over to visit here, so was there Loeki, our first standard poodle. Here owner brought here just for a week, but after that, she didn’t want him back. I think, that this was the moment, where my love for poodles started  (see pics).

When I was about 16 years old, I got my first own poodle. Her name was Sonja, an apricot dwarf (see pics). Sonja was 14 years old, when we had to put here to sleep. This was a real drama, also because Sonja’s love for my oldest son Ben. She wasn’t a price winnig bitch, but had a hart of gold. After that we bought Muppie, a black dwarf bitch (see pics). Muppie was also very sweet for the boys. At the age of 10 she got cancer of the uteres, and diabetes. The vet operated here, and cured the cancer. For the diabetes we had to give here in injection twice a day, she also died at the age of 14.

After that, I hade two terrible years af crying. We diceded not to take a new dog for a while. Saying good bye, was so hard for me. Also the boys, had a terrible time, for they lost there budy, whom they shared there diepest secrets with, and greeted them every time they got home.

Then you start thinking, about the joy and hapiness such a little dog can bring you. The longing got so intense, and we diceded to buy a poodle again.

We went to Karin Woerkom, and bought a apricot toy bitch, here name was Muppie, again (see pics). I got infectes with the poodle virus, two and a half years later we went back to Karin Woerkom where we bought a half sister to Muppie, Dolly Lovable Dreams (see pics).

This was BIG Fun. In september 2004 we went to a dog show, for the first time. It seemed to be fun, entering a dog show, so we entered in a club match. Muppie didn’t like it at all,(see pics) but Dolly was enyoing it. After the club match my husband and sons dicided, that they would buy mu a dog for my birthday. The well known dutch breeder Gerda Janssen, from the van Klein-Nulland kennels, told us that she was expecting a litter. In november the call came, 2 brown and 2 black puppies where born. Because of my wish to enter shows, Gerda advised me to take the brown bitch. She was as she called it “the pick off the litter” . Thats when Sarah (here name reminds me of my 50th birth day) Brown van Klein-Nulland entered our family (see pics). Six month later I got the black bitch Jamaica Rain van Klein-Nulland  from Gerda to enforced the poodle clan. Jamie (see pics), as we call here, is a daughter of the world famous Multi CH Solnes Rain Dance and comming spring 2007, we will be expecting here first litter. Ik can tell you, with all my heart that a wish came true for me.

Please enjoy your visit to my web site. Keep on visiting it, for I will put pictures on it, as soon as the puppies are born. Also check out the show results of my three bitches Sarah, Jamie and Dolly. And at last, but not at least, visit my guestbook, and tel me know if you enjoyed your visit.

Shelley Lenzen.