Laurent Garnier - 'First Reaction (V2)'

Say what, say what, say what?
Say what?
I woke up from this dream… huh?
Well, it was more like a nightmare.
Mm, I didn’t really know where I was… huh?
Wait a minute… wait a minute...
There were all these people in the streets
There was some kinda protest.
I didn’t know what was going on
I couldn’t believe the eyes,
Their eyes were full of tears, huh? 

Uh, there was sadness,
Uh, there had been hurt.
I had a feeling of the people…
It was so beautiful to see the people come together again, huh?
For something they believed in.
And at the same time,
The situation…
The events that brought them together, huh?! 

Shocked by the news! Huh?
Where are we going?
What is this? 

We were walking…
We were walking and,
we saw this cat.
He came out an underground. Huh?
We could tell he had been hurt, huh?
We saw some blood,
We tried to help him
We were trying to help him!
And the next thing I know, blood was all over me! 

People around everywhere!
Oh my God!

I can’t believe it.
This can’t be real!
This can-not be real!
Oh, they caught us by surprise
But not all of us. Huh?!
There were some people who were aware,
There were some people that talked about this
They knew it was coming!
They knew it was coming!
They knew what was in the hearts of so many people. Huh?!
They tried to tell us,
but we wouldn’t listen, huh? 

But now…
Now, the reality is here. Huh?!
It’s come out! Huh?!
What’s on your mind?!
What’s going on brother?
Help me! 

And they caught us of guard,
but not all of us,
Not all of us. Huh?
Yeah, my neighbour,
your neighbour.
Can you really trust…?
Who can we really trust?
Huh, in times likes this,
the reality comes out. 

What’s really ón your mind?

Yeah, yeah.
But I’m not signing…
I’m not signing
I’m not signing!
I don’t wanna be a part of it.
I’m not joining
I’m not joining no part. Huh?
I don’t wanna be a part of that thing! 

What’s going on brother?!
Help me!
Talk to me.
My brother.