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High everybody! And welcome to my very own little place on the web. This page is (as you've no doubt figured out already) dedicated to the MSX homecomputer system and SNK's Neo-Geo AES. For more information about these machines, check The Missing Link for links to pages doing a far better job explaining these phenomenon than I will ever be able to.

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28/09/2008 - Went to the Bussum 2008 MSX meeting yesterday. Check out the Realtime Article!

21/08/2008 - Due to stuff happening, some things weren't working properly. They should now be fixed.

08/10/2007 - Wow, has it already been over a year? Time for another update! Bussum 2007 Realtime Article and photoshoot added, plus some minor cosmetic changes. In the near forseeable future, hires versions of my photoshoots (if available) will be placed online at MSXPosse.

13/09/2006 - MSX Rating counter added

10/09/2006 - Bussum 2k6-related things are up!

04/09/2006 - Added [TAOA-009].

31/05/2006 - Added [TAOA-008].

03/03/2006 - Barcelona RUMSX 28-related things are up! Enjoy!

23/01/2006 - Yes I sure took my sweet time, but -FINALLY- here is another update! I removed some bits and repacked all things downloadable in ZIP format. Also some cosmetic changes here and there. Anyone wondering where I hid the evidence I gathered during my last trip to Spain (Barcelona RUMSX28), be patient. Note that besides MSX I'd also like to have a social life and some time for my other hobbies. It will be put online at some point. Just don't expect it to happen overnight ;)

12/10/2005 - Added [TAOA-006].

08/10/2005 - Added [TAOA-005].

06/10/2005 - Added the banner.

05/10/2005 - Did the Bussum2k5 update! Added [TAOA-004].

08/08/2005 - Added [TAOA-003] and some more members.

07/08/2005 - Finally uploaded those last SNK|Get! shots. Due to the new camera being crap under certain lighting conditions, you may see some insignificant differences ;). Also added a page for something called The Army Of Assholes...

21/03/2005 - Some minor updates.

29/01/2005 - Only some minor cosmetic changes. Expect some neat shots to appear in the near future...

23/01/2005 - The first update in 2005 and it's a good start. Added 43 Oss2k5 shots, the Oss2k4 Realtime Article and some more links.

31/12/2004 - Added a link to my other page, Ai no Yabou, to The Missing Link.

15/12/2004 - Added the Oss2k4 pics.

14/12/2004 - Wow, is it a month ago already? I completely changed the way shots are displayed, allowing for a lot more photographical evidence. Because of this, a shitload of pictures (you'll have to wait a bit for the Oss2k4 Shots, sorry) have been added and the menu has changed a bit.

14/11/2004 - More minor stuff. You're lucky I took the trouble to edit this page ;).

11/10/2004 - Did some minor tweaking and added the Bussum2k4 Realtime Article to the Files section.

02/10/2004 - Added more links to the Missing Link.

14/09/2004 - Updated the Missing Link and fixed some little things.

13/09/2004 - Finally got round to doing the SNK|Get! photoshoot before I upload this peice of cake. I will update the Missing Link section as soon as possible. I just wanted to get this online after all that time!

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