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BodyHammeR, smiling politely

Being born on May 6th, 1980 in Nijverdal, The Netherlands as Sjoerd Lammert Lammertsma. Speaking Dutch and English (and the odd bit of German, French and some Spanish). Having several interesting and expensive hobbies (;)) and usually being a kind and gentle person. For information my family tree, visit the Lammertsma Homepage. Please note that this site is in Dutch.

If you feel the need to socialize with me, try IRC. My nickname will usually be Haohmaru, like that big-haired guy from Samurai Spirits.
The channels to join are #msxdev (Rizon), #msx #eureka-zwolle (both on Undernet) and atariscne (IRCNet).

And just for the hell of it you can also choose to mail me at darknessgod(at)

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