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Dave Horne - jazz piano



I moved to the Netherlands in 1995 at the age of 44 after spending 20 years as the pianist with the United States Military Academy Band at West Point, New York.  I was the pianist with the Jazz Knights, a 17 piece big band, one of several musical components of the US Military Academy Band.

As pianist with the West Point Band, I performed countless concerts with the Jazz Knights, performed with various combos and performed solo/cocktail piano as well.  My position with the West Point Band was in essence, musical public relations.  Whenever there were visiting politicians, whether it was a local congressman or a head of state, I was usually involved with supplying the music.

Also, during my 20 years at West Point, I managed my own four piece wedding band and also played cocktail piano for various restaurants and hotels in the area.

Since moving to the Netherlands, I have performed in concert with Willeke Alberti at the Theater aan de Parade in Den Bosch.  I have performed many times for the Theater aan de Parade, Hotel Central (Den Bosch) and Hotel Vught (van der Valk) and am well known by the management of these establishments.  

In 2005 I started playing with a nationally known bass player, Hans Mantel.  You can see photos of us playing together if you travel to my Photos page.  

My offer to you is this - give me a call and we will both agree on one evening where I will play three hours for your dinner guests at absolutely no cost to you.  If you like what you hear, we can talk further (in English or Dutch).  

I am an all-around, professional jazz/commercial pianist and I look forward to playing for you!

All the best,

Dave Horne

Click here to see a partial list of songs that I (and my trio) can play.  You will see many songs composed by George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, Richard Rodgers and Hoagy Carmichael. You will also see many 'big band' favorites.  Take a look!

Click here to hear me play.