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This site continues information, pictures and articless about former stockcar F1 driver Mat. de la Roy. You can also find a guestbook on this website.

After a period of six years racing in the "free class", Mat. started with stockcar F1 racing in 1976 or 1977. He drove stockcar F1 till 1988, when he had to retire during physical problems. He was Dutch champion in 1982, Trackchampion Baarlo 1987 and European champion 1988 at the Gannita Circuit. Unfortunately Mat. has never won the Longtrack Worldchampionship. A number of times he was close to this victory, like in 1981 when he was in front when his tire exploded. Also in 1988 he had a good change to win the Longtrack Worldchampionship, while he could start from pole position. Unfortunately Mat. couldn`t drive this race because of physical problems, which meant the end of his stockcar F1 racing.

Mat. and his team where also regular UK visitors in the eighties.

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Maarten de la Roy


I would like to thank the following people for some very nice pictures:

Robert Wilms

Colin Casserley

Eus Verhoeven

Rene Goessens

Marcel Bol