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How my bosses fall for my tricks


Hello kind beagles and beagle bosses. You know me (Dieuwke) of course still of my first story. Now I want to tell you how it is now with me and how I wrap up my

bosses or rather said how I wrap up myself, hi hi.


If my bosses Edith and Gerald went out for an evening because

they must on a visit or want to sport I'm alone for some hours.

Now I don't mind that at all, because when they come back as a return they allow me to go up with them and let me sleep in their bed(room). The first time I lay down on the ground where I could watch them good. They sleep a bit higher in what they call a bed and then under bedclothes. They call it an eiderdown cover or duvet cover.



Downstairs in the living room I can lie on the couch on a cloth. The next day wen I was alone at home I jumped under the cloth as well. Why not, nevertheless they do it also. When my mistress came home I am undisturbed lie down. They she has searched for me in the complete house, but I lay nicely warm under my eiderdown cover. After a while I have just put my little nose outside and then my mistress saw me and then I got an enormous hug. When she told my master the hole story they had a big laugh about it.

Since then I have a little part of the couch, my master wants also a small piece of the couch, on witch they have put a towel and across it an eiderdown cover, my eiderdown cover hi hi. I crawl myself in and wrap up myself then always entirely.

Nowadays when I go up I crawl myself nicely against Edith or Gerald and of course just like they under the eiderdown cover.

If it get to warm for me I lay down myself at the end of the bed at their foots. My bosses find as a matter of fact that I snore considerably. Now, then you must hear them self. Then my snoring turns out better than expected, however, I do not hear myself nevertheless.



My bosses walk frequently and nicely for a long time with me. Weekday mornings with mistress and in the weekend with my master whereby I want see all streets of Hengelo.

They find it sometimes too much, but an hour and a half we are nevertheless underway. If it is possible I can walk in ponds and ditches. At home I am well cleaned then before I can go into the living room.


If there are beagle bosses in the area of Hengelo and they want to walk with their beagle and me mail me for making an appointment. I have the most beautiful e-mail address of the Netherlands Nicely isn't it.


For if you want to see the nicest beagle photograph you must go to my own completely renewed homepage Here you also find a guest book where you can give you're own opinions concerning the whole site.

However, be positive please.



A very good day to all of you from Edith and Gerald, my bosses, and a big hug and paw of me