A visit to Japan

The Saihoji temple


The Kurama mountain



The following pages contains two brief photoreports of a visit to 2 places in Japan. These 2 places are of major importance in the, rather short, history of Reiki. The first one is the Saihoji tempel in Tokyo where the familygrave of Usui is located. The other place is mount Kurama near Kyoto where Mikao Usui received his Reiki initiations. But ..........

.......... just like the work on Kurama mountain never will be finished, so will the work on this webpages never be finished.


The photo's on the next pages are not of a high resolution. If you want to have a particular photo, but in a higher resolution (about 10 times as high as the photo's on the next pages, click here for an example), sent me an email with the number of the photo. I will sent you this photo then (with a maximum of. 3 for each emailadress).


Photoreport Saihoji

Photoreport Kurama


From this visit to these 2 places in Japan a combined CD-ROM/Audio-CD was made. This because of the fact that there was a lot of information and pictures which would not fit on this internetpage. The main important reasons for making this CD where: 

This CD contains, among other things:

This CD can be viewed best with Internet Explorer 4.0 (or higher) in a screenmode 800x600. An audio card in the PC is not necessary. Unfortunately, this CD is only available in the Dutch language.

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