Realistic UV resin eyes

I've been making eyes for quite some time now, back in 2003 I made eyes of Fimo and watercolor paint, they were quite simple, they had no depth. These days there are some interesting products out there like Crystal Clear Resin and UV resin. With clear resin you can make a real lens on the eye. So many possibilities. There are a lot of free online tutorials and YouTube video's with so many ways to make eyes. To name a few: Renata Jansen, Barbara England and Eneida Rosa. Thanks girls for sharing!

I started experimenting with Gedeo Crystal Clear resin in august 2014, I really liked the result but the curing process of 24 hours was a bit long, and with cats in the house... well... not very practical *LOL*. Now that I have UV resin and a UV lamp it became much easier, curing the resin only takes about 15 minutes.

Making tutorials is always a lot of work but here it is finally. A tutorial on how I make my eyes at this moment using UV resin, Fimo and Genesis heatset paint (or acrylic paint). The eyes are heat resistant and have depth. All handmade, so no paper printed irises. Click on each image to enlarge.

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