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Bruce Lee: The Legend Of Bruce Lee (2008)

cover Bruce Lee: The Legend Of Bruce Lee

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Alternatieve Titel :

Land : HK

Speelduur : 334 minuten

Genre(s) : Aktie, Drama, Biografie

Regisseur : Diverse

Acteurs: Kwok-Kwan Chan, Michelle Lang, Ted E. Duran

Medium: Originele DVD - DTS, Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital 2.0 - Engels, Mandarijns - Ondertiteling: Nederlands


Kenmerken: Menu, Extra's:

Aantal Discs: 1


Verhaal : After watching the entire series and having rewatched selective episodes more than once, I reflect on what great acting, choreographs, and the profound impact it has on my life. First, Danny Chan and Lang without a question has done a superb job as well as well as many of its supporting actors/actress. It feels that everyone has something to contribute to the Bruce Lee story, beyond just getting paid. The fights are detailed and entertaining. There are areas of the story that may never be verifiable but nonetheless based on a true story for the most part. At times, certain continuity may get annoying but overall, positives far outweights the negative. If the budget is ten times higher with better editing and footage -- I would give it a 10. For example, police scenes shows "NYPD", I mean it's Seattle. There are modern post-2000 cars parked all over the place on the curbs, etc. But that's okay because we know it's only $6.4million and they instead focus on acting, story, and choreographing. This has inspired me to read more about Bruce, study his philosophies like I never did, and the profound change in my own life that anything is possible. After almost 2 years, I cannot believe no one sub in English yet so I have begun the translation project myself with a partner because I want the world to know Bruce