Pictures in all the colors

My apologizes, I have not translated the descriptions  as you find them on the Dutch  and Frisian pages, because I do not have proper English terms available for all parts of the animals. If someone can help me on this issue, please let me know. Also I am not sure whether I have used formal correct names for the mentioned colors.                                                                                          

                                       wit.jpg (48229 bytes) white      

                                       zwart.jpg (47894 bytes) black

                                         blauw.jpg (47602 bytes) blue

                                         koekoek.jpg (60715 bytes) cuckoo  

                                        roodbond.jpg (46872 bytes) redspotted

                                        zwartbont.jpg (53672 bytes) blackspotted

                                       zilverpel.jpg (53097 bytes) silverpencilled

                                      goudpel.jpg (49343 bytes) gold pencilled

                                       roodpel.jpg (46903 bytes) redpencilled

                                     geel-witpel.jpg (58780 bytes) yellow-white pencilled

                                     citroenpel.jpg (98145 bytes) Lemonpencilled

                                    goudblauwpell.jpg (94051 bytes) gold-bluepencilled                                 (this color is not officially aproved)