Ernst Kapp (1808 - 1896)

An early and Romantic philosopher of technology

by: Frits Simon

Ernst Christian Kapp was an early philosopher on technology. In1877 he published his Grundlinien einer Philosophie der Technik. Probably his Grundlinien is the first coherent and elaborated philosophy on technology. Maybe therefore it is even true that Kapp can be called the first genuine philosopher of technology. This site contains a brief summary of some research concerning the philosophy of technology of Ernst Kapp. These findings were published in a Dutch periodical for philosophy (see: Some literature on Ernst Kapp ).

Of course more is to be said on Kapp or on his philosophy of technology; concerning these subjects please mail to Some of my remaining questions I have put below. Other questions and (your) answers will be added.


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Dr. Ernst Christian Kapp (1808 - 1896)


Questions, for answers please mail:

1. Although I did some research ont the subject it remains unclear wether Kapp was imprisoned some time before his emigration. Only in American publications this imprisonment is mentioned (Flach, p. 37; Geiser, p.22; Sass 1980, p88; Webb, p.938). There is no registration of an imprisonement in the Nordrhein-Westfalisches Staatsarchiv, the Geheimes Staatsarchiv Preussischer Kulturbesitz, Nordrhein-Westfalisches Staatsarchiv Detmold and the Kommunalarchiv Minden.

2. Is there a biography on the German hydrotherapist Rausse (pseud. for H.Francke)?

3. Are there more details on the Latin Colony of which Kapp was one of the founding fathers?



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