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History Hohenwarth

Holiday in Hohenwarth

Camp site  Fritz Berger Comfort


Toward our holiday story 2003 on camp site Fritz Berger in Hohenwart in Bavaria


History Hohenwarth


The name Hohenwarth  came around 1180 for the first time forward when in a charter of cloister Reichenbach the names Meginhard and Konrad von Hohenwarth prevented. After 1280 the area of Haidstein  to Höllenstein came in the hands of the Hohenwarthers. 


This large Hohenwarth did not keep long however. In 1402 Hohenwarth becomes an administrative entity with a lot of rights and duties for the citizens. The first church is built in this same year. The current church from 1860 stands now stills at the same place. The first castle (citadel) of Hohenwarth is built halfway the 15 centuries, however 100 years later already devastates. In 1570 a New Castle is built which in the 17th century is devastated by fire.


After the 30-years war the current castle (1650-1655) is built. In 1803 the noble sovereignty end and the occupants of Hohenwarth, most farmers, become free occupants. The castle proceeds in citizen hands and is at present in possession of the family Vogl.



Hohenwarth in 1844

the church of Hohenwarth


the weapon of the municipality Hohenwarth



Toward our holiday story 2003 on camp site Fritz Berger in Hohenwart in Bavaria




Holiday in Hohenwarth



The large Arbersee in the nature park of the "Obere Bayerische Wald"

lies surround the "entertainment village" Hohenwarth. Hohenwarth lies between

the mounts Kaitersberg  (1042m) and Hoher Bogen (1079m). The valley becomes cutting through by the river the Weißer Rain, which finds its origin 25km in the eastern situated small ArberseeThe holiday you can spend there in hotels, boarding houses, holiday houses, on a farm or such as we on the campsite of Hohenwarth. The guest card offers discount to a lot of visits.

By the central position them in and around Hohenwarth a lot of bicycle, mountenbike or walking tours are available. Sport freaks under us can take part further in horse riding, a coach march, play tennis, (fly)fish or sail on a small boat on the Weisser Rain. Those whom want let themselves spoiled are able to take a bus excursion to Prague, Pilzen (both in the Czech Republic), Munnich, Passau incl. a boot excursion on the Donau or let them drive deliciously through the Bavarian forest or Bohemiam forest. All these excursions can be booked at the campsite. The Oberphalzbahn, a nice train stops also at the campsite and in the village. For a couple Euro you can travel the whole day through the Bavarian country with the train. Winter sport enthusiasts come entirely to their appetites with the ski areas Hoher Bogen, Eck Riedelstein and the Arber ski area in close surroundings. To ski, ski cross-country, toboggans or simply nicely a walk by snow, everything is possible in the winter.

To the foot of the highest mount in East Bayern

The Oberpfalzbahn


Toward our holiday story 2003 on camp site Fritz Berger in Hohenwart in Bavaria





Campsite Fritz Berger Comfort


The campsite is 10 ha large and has something more than 400 places of

80 - 100 m2. It is a looked after and well classified family campsite with a nice little lake along the river Weißer Rain.  The places are, however, provide with a masonry floor what it makes not always easy to get the tent peg in the ground. Regular occupants have a reasonable number of places. The regular winter campers are not always summery present, therefore, however, an occupied place, but no occupants during the summer holiday.

Don't expect an invasion of Dutchman on this campsite. In the three weeks which we have spent here the number of places which occupies by Dutch were count on two hands. Personally total no problem us, although there are many Dutch fellow man, which want to surround themselves with only compatriots.

Our folding caravan and car

Fritz Berger Komfortcampsite is an ideal holiday resorts for nature friends and sport practitioners. It lies to a lake near the river the Weisser Rain. Both offer possibilities for to swim, fish and sailing.


In the surroundings more than sufficiently splendid walking areas (footpaths) can be find. Tourists have in the surroundings a large number of tourist excursions present so that nobody must annoy himself here.



There is an afternoon pause from 13.00 - 15.00 where the entrance gate is closed. If you arrive on this time on the camsite, you have to sit and wait or already walk to your own place (pitch). The campsite has been opened for the whole year apart from the month of November. Beside the reception there is a small shop with everything on camping range. Also by means of Internet you can order here all kinds of camping stuff.


The campsite shop himself has a rather large assortment with each day several types fresh rolls or breads, fresh make pastry, fresh flesh and flesh products and a separate spirits hall for thirsty people. On the campsite itself you further find an inside swimming pool with sauna. Deliciously to stay here wintry after you have skied.


The restaurant "Rauber Heigl" is itself also in front of the campsite. Here you can get an excellent meal for little money. Daily there is a 2-course day menu for less than 4 Euro and on Tuesday it is pizza day witch they baked in a valid furnace for 4.50 Euro.


In Front of the campsite there is also a large parking place for visitors or to

park your car there if the barrier (still) is closed.

campsite shop

the inner swimming pool


The almost three weeks which we have spent here (2pers.) cost us incl. tourist taxes and current consumption about 400 Euro. The ANWB  rewarded the campsite with total impression of 7.7 and 8 for the sanitary.


All in all therefore a good looked after campsite with good supplies for a very payable price. Ideal (family) campsite to explore the Bayerische Wald (Bavarian Forest) and its surroundings, both summery and wintry.




Ferienzentrum 3,

D-93480 Hohenwarth

Tel. 09946 367 / fax 09946 477

E-mail cpl.hohenwarth@fritz berger.de

Open 01-01 till 02-11 and of 08-12 till 31-12

Pauze 13.00 - 15.00





Toward our holiday story 2003 on camp site Fritz Berger in Hohenwart in Bavaria