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Zum Feuerberg:




On Saturday 24 July 2004 we leave to campsite Zum Feuerberg in Ediger-Eller to the Moselle. If we are well an hour underway we find out that we have forgotten the ham and cheese rolls. Also the kilo cheese stand still remains in the refrigerator in our house in Hengelo! To our great annoyance we also left the video camera and the digital photograph camera at the backdoor. We decide to keep on driving and ring frank, a comrade of us. He comes Thursday for some days so he can bring then the cheese and the cameras with him. The rolls end up in the dustbin.


By eleven hours we are already on the campsite Zum Feuerberg. To Cochem it went very energetic. As from here each route planner indicates that you can take a short cut to Ediger-Eller. We do this thus nicely. It is only some kilometres, but what kind of kilometres. The road has real great turnings, and fall percentages of more than 12%. The small streets in Ediger-Eller are so small that passing here with a caravan or camper is absolute impossible.  We can pass with our car and with the tent trailer, although we frequently see an inhabitant shake his head to see such a stupid tourist.

To here and not further for caravan or camper


Our spot on the campsite

After we have announced us at the reception we let us get the most beautiful spot of the campsite. Only one bikeway / access road and small tent field separate us of the Moselle. On the back site we have visibility on one of the wine mounts of Ediger, in our case very appropriately the Feuerberg.

After some hours our Trigano tent trailer stands nicely in the sun. We drive to Cochem, but now the easy and flat way along the Moselle, to do the first shopping. In the evening we eat for the first time in the restaurant of the campsite (very well food) and enjoys afterwards for the tent trailer the splendid view over the Moselle.

Sunday we do it quietly. In the Afternoon we visit Ediger. Within 5 minutes we walk to the picturesque village. Splendid buildings and almost each house have a grape tendril hanging along the house. We help a Dutchman who has followed also the route planner and strand on 200 meters for the campsite because it is not possible to drive the caravan through the narrow streets. After the car and caravan combination is twisted with the necessary effort, they drive back and must rode down still more then 10 kilometres. We look around further in Ediger with its many wine farmers and end finally at Weingut for the J.Oster. Outside there are some nice wine attributes like a boy who lies upside down in a wine barrel. We taste some wines and take along of course a small stock. Also you can obtain here all kinds of schnapps. In funny glassy balls you can choose from approximately 100 types. Edith buy blood orange liqueur.

Later we use for the first time this summer holiday the skottelbraai  we let us lay down in our lazy chair with the face to the Moselle to look at the nice ships that pass.


typical street in Ediger


Weingut J.Oster


Monday starts something cloudy. We still go on and drive a bit along the Moselle direction Zell. We drive along a steel bridge at Bullay with two floors. Under the cars drive, the train rushes beyond. A nice face. Near Zell our eye fell on the board Einkaufcentrum (shopping centre). After a short drive we reach the top where the shopping centre is. Dozens of shops in all kinds of genres are to be finding there. For our important, there are three hypermarkets. Aldi, the Lidl and very a size Globus where you can get really everything of your need.

The bridge at Bullay


evening for the tent trailer

If we are just returned on the campsite the portable telephone rings. It’s Anita, Gerald's youngest little sister, with fantastic news. She has just give bird to their newborn daughter Roxy. This meant that Gerald is now the proud godfather of Roxy.

After eating (skottel therefore) we call back with the normal telephone on the camping.  Everything has gone very rapidly. Roxy is 51 cm large and has a weigh of 3000 grammas. Mother Anita and father Robert are very proud. Later in the evening we plays some games rummikub. The winner is Gerald. Like usually he never lets Edith to win, according to Edith herself.


If on Tuesday the last fogginess has disappeared we go to Treis-Karden. We take a short cut and are there in half an hour. Treis-Karden did not come up to our expectations. We are glad that we have not chosen for the campsite in this town, but for much authentic Ediger-Eller.

At one of the hypermarkets we do some small shopping. And concourse we visit a local wine farmer. At Otto Knaup we let us taste some types white wine and take along some bottles.

Visibility on Treis-Karden


a daas

On the way back we keep on driving in Cochem, but find no suitable parking place. We decide therefore to drive back to the campsite to enjoy the beautiful weather. If we lay down in our lazy chair for the tent trailer in the sun, Gerald is stung several times by a daas. A daas is a black gadfly, which can stitch very painfully. Gerald appears 17!! large have lumps on its back, therefore itching, itching and once more itching. Wednesday mornings we go thus firstly to the kreuzberg pharmacy in Ediger-Eller. Here one is very astonishes if they has examined the back of Gerald. We take along a tube Hydrocortison which must reduce the itching.


On the campsite still people are jealous at us concerning the fact that we have got such beautiful place that has been freed special for us. Where we have to thank this for nevertheless! Evenings we still enjoy our view from our beautiful place with a glass wine with the visit Johan and Annie from Heemskerk. Gerald drinks sweet white Hochgewachse auslese Moselle wine, and the others drink red Dornfelder.


On Thursday we go to Zell. Zell is a nice and sociable town where you can amuse yourself for some hours. We walk here by narrow streets and along the bank of the Moselle.

You find there a lot of winzers (wine farmers) by whom you gladly can tests have there own wines, a nice shop street and pleasant see-through to the Moselle or to the wine fields. The famous wine mount in Zell is the Schwartze katze.

On the way back we drive still even along Globus and with a filled shopping basket we return to the campsite.

wine mount Schwartze katze at Zell


Edith's mother is making a Rijn-Moselle trip with a river cruise ship and we expect that she could pass the campsite this day so we nestle us for the tent trailer with visibility on the Moselle. We also wait impatient for frank who comes a couple days to stay with us. He takes along the video camera and the photo camera. It is to be hoped that he is there before the ship so that we can make the recordings. Edith's mother must be on the Amsterdam. Frank is too late. Against a quarter to eight Edith gets up of a sudden. She sees the Amsterdam of Feenstra travel coming. Gerald catch rapidly his throw away photograph and together we run to the waterside. As Edith sees her mother and starts to shout “Mother, Mother” everyone on the ship sweeps back. We are happy if we recognise Edith's mother and her friend who is her companion during the Moselle trip. Gerald takes some photograph and the Amsterdam disappears slowly out of side. And yes, a half hour later comes frank at the camping. Too late to record everything digitally.


Fridays we decide to visit Bernkastel-Kues. Underway we see the Amsterdam to sail. In bernkastel-kues we find a parking place for the car and walk in the splendid old centre. Especially the district Bernkastel is with its old Romanesque architecture a place to visit worth. After a long town walk we sit down on a to nice terrace to drink something. Later we return satisfied to the car. If we are just drive into Krov we see again the Amsterdam. We fast put the car on the side and taking some photographs and the video camera registers how the Amsterdam passes. Edith's do not see mother we unfortunately. Given the warmth she probably would be lower deck.

saying on wall in bernkastel-Keus


We keep on driving to Traben-Trarbach. Everything is nicely here decorated because it is exact 100 years ago that that the two places have gone together. Here we walk through the nice, but small centre and walk along the bridge that is just restored to the nice gate at the beginning of the bridge.

Evenings the skottel does its best again. Fried potatoes, flesh which Frank has taken along and a cold glass Warsteiner beer for the chaps and a bottle Smirnoff ice for Edith. Deliciously nevertheless such a holiday.

Later on the evening we listen to sociable music from the canteen. Yes it is very pleasant on the campsite.

the beautiful gate at the restored bridge


Saturday, after the breakfast and done the necessary shopping, we enjoy the splendid weather. Whereas frank from time to time is trying to angle in the Moselle we let us rest in the lazy stair to enjoy the sun. After the skottel has done the work the wine is to be served. Edith the red and Gerald to the white Moselle wine. Frank keeps it at a beer. Gerald is defied for a game Triominos. And yes, the winner on the end of the evening is Gerald again.


the church in Ediger

Sunday is a real rest day. Since the Jugend Feuerwehr van Ediger-Eller today has its annual grill party we decided to look there. Except for a fire engine and some hydraulic pumps there are especially roast sausage, beer and the café mit Kuchen (cake) that largely in are stock. For this reason we visit rather Ediger-Eller to examine the splendid old town core. The Pfarrkirche Saint Martin and a lot of other old buildings are examined by our visited by us. The name Ediger descends already of the Romen and the kelten and is in 765 for the first time called. The name Ediger meant sand bank. In 1363 conquered Kaiser Karl IV Ediger and in this year also the now still present town wall was built. In 16e and 17e century Ediger were further developed to what it is still now.


After the walk we go to Diederichs at the Moselweinstrasse on the upper terrace and enjoys the food, the drinks and the beautiful view on the Moselle.

Evenings the tent fields filled oneself in front of us so that there is enough to see. The tent field is been used for both long campers and also cyclists or people with a canoe who want to spend the night here.


our spot from the boat

the boat Stadt Zell

the campsite at the Moselle


The next day is for the combination boat excursion on the Moselle and a visit to Cochem. Firstly we sail from Ediger on the Moselle with the boat "Stadt Zell" about an hour and a half passing all romantic places direction Cochem. Underway, at Fankel we must wait a while for the moselschleuse Fankel. From to opposite direction sail two splendid Dutch cruise ships that make great Moselle cruise. If we approach Cochem we see the impressive Reichburg always more beautiful. In Cochem we walk through the old inner part of the town. The city accommodates a lot of nice old streets where you can walk nicely. However, it is there very tourist what has then its precipitate on the prices that is asked here on the terraces. Bargain-hunter Gerald buys a nice bath towel with a little dog on it and the name of its new godchild Roxy. After again a sail of an hour and a half, where we can once have a splendid view on the wine fields at the Moselle, we return in Ediger. The evening.... eh that has been already a well-known fact, the skottel and wine.

visibility on Sennheim

visibility on the Reichburg

the centre of Cochem


Tuesday morning after the breakfast frank leaves us. Whereas he is on the way back to the Netherlands, we go together with our neighbours Annie and Johan do the shopping. As we drive to Zell all at once we see the Amsterdam at the lock in Saint Aldergund . We return rapidly to the campsite to pick up the photograph and the video camera.


At the lock we see that the Amsterdam just has left the lock. Gone is the possibility to speak with Edith’s mother on a very short distance. What a disappointment. We drive back to the winding at Bremm. Here we make rapidly a stop at the Moselle and make beautiful prerecording of the Amsterdam if these pass here. In spite of Edith's shouting we do not see "mother granny" unfortunately. Given the heat she will sit somewhere inside. After we have done the necessary shopping return to the campsite and again we let us enjoy deliciously in the sun the next book. Evening we go on a sociably visit at Annie and Johan.

the boat the Amsterdam


Wednesday we awake as the rain softly drops on the tent roof. Under the tent-fly we enjoy the breakfast. As just some later the sun seems to abundance, we walk again direction Ediger in search of a new wine farmer. Walking through Ediger we end up finally at wine farmer peter Andre. He has a small 1.5 hectare vine yard on the Ediger Osterlämmchen and told us all that everything what has legs and can run in its family helps him if that is necessary.


We decide for today, Thursday, for a next daytrip. Firstly we visit Bruttig-Fankel. These two places lie for the change on one side of the Moselle. If we walk through the sociable Bruttel the nice passage to the Moselle strikes us each time. We visit also the old church Saint Margaretha with its beautiful glass in lead still even. After we have nested ourselves under enjoy of can cola on a bench to the Moselle we let us enjoy still even more the beautiful view.

view in Bruttig-Fankel


We drive further direction Beilstein and pass the lock at Fankel. Some boats lie wait patiently up to they 6.5 the meter unevenness can bridge.


The castle ruin Metternich approach slowly. Beilstein is a small town where very many tourists, especially much German tourists come. This romantic and picturesque beautiful village lies in a narrow valley with a former convent church Saint Jozef and the castle ruin Metternich.

In the village several films have been incorporated what the number of tourists explained. We climb up and on the ruin we enjoy the fantastic view.


Gerald climbs to on the top of the highest tower by means of a quite narrow and especially very dark staircase in the tower to the highest point. As from here the view is still more beautiful.

Except Beilstein themselves, the convent church and the ruin is see from here. Also lot villages in the surroundings. On the Moselle the small ferryboat speeds to the opposite site. Yes We really enjoy this.

ruin Metternich

the Moselle at Beilstein


the swimming pool on the campsite

On the campsite we jump again in the small swimming pool. Only the shower ensures already the necessary cooling. You are obliged to stand under the cold shower before and after swimming.


We decide to end the day with a delicious diner at "restaurant Zum altos Stadttor" where Willy Krotz occupied the guests on very humour-full manner. Except good eating he speaks Dutch with a comic manner.


Hurrah, hurray, the wine festival starts today. From Friday up to Monday the village is transformed to a large wine village.

After we firstly have enjoyed the sun from our lazy chair, the afternoon starts cloudy and suffocating. On the radio we hear several warnings for violent precipitate with hail and storm. Here it remains fortunately almost dry. If we hear later that in the surroundings of Stuttgart the highway cannot be used to ride anymore, it starts here to rumble on distance.

Against six o clock if at the wine festivals the weinbrunnen are opened, the sun starts shining nevertheless. The wine festival, called in Ediger-Eller the Osterlämmchen weinfesten, can concerning to us therefore, start. After eating we converge then with Annie and Johan direction the festive joy.

Beside the fair ground there are several boots where the wine is sold.

the poster for the wine festival 2004


The festive tent has been nicely dressed and of course provides with the necessary long tables and banks and a large banner with the Osterlämmchen. Also outside the tent there are a lot of tables and banks established.

Of course there is a German sausage booth. Annie and Johan savour them to Rotling, a combination of red and white wine, Edith and Gerald assault some bottles sweet white wine, the spätlese.

The Brodige Musikanten play tonight the lively musical note. If the evening falls also the polonaise increases. On the end of the evening the people dance sometimes more on than beside the tables.

the large Osterlämmchen banner


Ha-ha Saturday start for us without a tomcat. We do what shopping and in the afternoon we walk already direction the festival grounds.


the old and new wine queen and Bacchus

This afternoon wine god Bacchus, the old wine queen and new wine queen is picked up. With the old guard and the musical society we firstly walk through the village picking up Bacchus.

The lively procession walks then to the old wine queen. After the glass wine we walk further and pick up the new wine queen.

In Ediger the queen is chosen for two Years and this Year there is a relieve of the queen. With a hard detonation of the guns of the guard the new wine queen Johanna I and her assistants comes outside with an enormously large glass wine.

We get all again a small glass wine, and these taste also excellent. All together we walk now to the festival area where the wine festival will be officially opened. Several speakers follow and the wine start to flow.


Meanwhile the first rain drops down. For this reason we decide to go to the campsite will return in the evening. In BaD Durkheim there is a violent heavy weather. In a hotel the complete cellar with several departures has be flooded. The sauna, the car park and the electricity supplies are destroyed. More than 30 cars are explained loose. We have only a tiny rain shower therefore. The evening party in the tent is with five live musicians and a singer. They are in the very best of spirits. All tables both in and outside the tent participate in abundance. Halfway the evening there is a ritual. With small boats Bacchus is picked up of the other side of the Moselle, with the Roman who assist him. The festival can start now entirely and as the evening progresses the pleasant the evening becomes. The many wines of Ediger-Eller find a ready market.


the procession starts

Carnival in the summer

the Roman


The next morning, at the Fruhschoppen, the Swing-In Band from Cochem accompanies the visitors.  Nevertheless especially that’s what enjoys older people. They are listing to the music while enjoying the coffee and delicacies.

Afternoon there is the large procession. A lot of decorated carriages and especially splendidly dressed course groups with musical accompaniment beyond.

In the tent we sit in front as all groups are presented. We couldn’t find a better place.

A group from Bernkastel Kues, which has taken part in splendid old costumes and old child carriages, seats oneself to our table. A sociable discussion is the consequence.

well visibility on the podium


It are now especially the husk fairy mit cough that find a ready market. Dozens different cakes that are baked by the local population himself disappear in a lot of mouths. Edith and Annie can make no choice, but take finally both two large pieces that they let taste itself very well. After a break on the campsite  to eat something from the skottel we let leave again direction Ediger.


Bacchus and the "old" wine queen

the new wine queen with the mayor

Bacchus last chance to dance with the wine queen


Tonight the Heimat und Moselabend stand on the programme. A lot of tourists that come here for years are invited to come on the stage to be honored. Furthermore it’s tonight especially a feast for the local population. As Gerald opened a bottle spätlesse wine and put these on the head no drop comes. This bottle has been put too cold and is total crystallized. The salesman finds it also very funny. The new bottle is better and the contents deliciously wine and disappear slowly by the throat of Gerald, mmm.


the sociable mess at the Edschara Stohlgang

On the Monday afternoon there is the traditional Edschara Stohlgang. This festivity is based on, spirits and food and has to drag themselves by the many participants walking through the streets of old Ediger. In the first year they started with 20 participants. There are nowadays 400 guests and people from Ediger who take part to this crazy feast.

A lot of times they stopped, provide chairs folded out and internal people with the drink and a bite. Some have taken a cart, an others role chair, yes, even e real beer-engine on wheels are even used to drag everything.

We beat this very nice picture amused on appropriate distance.


As the tent the long tables and banks are removed and the self brought chairs are put down there. We decide to return to the campsite and enjoy again the sun and the skottel. Curiously if we are, we do not want to miss the last evening nevertheless so therefore we leave for the last time direction the festive joy. The fence evening is a dancing evening and the Idols under us can let their sound hear during the Karaoke. If the evening progresses is clear to see (and to hear) that some have too much sacrificed something of Bacchus. Beside us a man lays "delicious" throb on of the still present wooden banks. If his comrades shake him awake he looks astonishes oneself, realises where he is and catches the wine bottle to drink lively further. Wine princess Johanna 1 thank everyone once again for his or her visit to the Ediger Osterlämmchen weinfest. We decide to end the wine feast for our tent trailer with a glass wine before also we start to hic, hic, and the well-deserved night's rest.


Tuesday is a day that many people leave the campsite. We have still some days to go and decide still make a day excursion.

We drive to Alf along the Moselle and turn here to direction Bad Bertrich. This nice town is a real health resort and lie between the Moselle and the Eifel in. As first we visits the Bade-Schlösschen from 1787.

We walk through the splendidly moored garden of the health und Bathe house direction the long shop street.

Annual there come here more than 30,000 visitors whom at the expense of the German krankenkasse (National Health Service) let treat there self.

a health resort in Bad Bertrich


Exactly outside Bad Bertrich lays the so-called "Käse oder eleven-grotten". The cave has arisen by an air breach during a lava flow and exists therefore from eroded basalt lava block systems. Beside the cave a small Brooklet flow. We drive further to Lutzerath. As from here we must follow a traffic diversion to be able to turn to the campsite. Just before Senheim see we suddenly, shortly after an insipid turning, a car lying on the head in the middle of on the way. The possible victims have been already obtained from the car and the police force is busy with the further run. All in all a not such pleasant face. In Ediger we drive firstly to the filling station  for filling the petrol tank for the way back to the Netherlands. Evening manages the skottel and we enjoy under enjoyment of delicious wine from Ediger-Eller the beautiful view concerning the Moselle. It slowly starts to rain and if we become awake at night it pours. In the morning the lowest part of the campsite is a water ballet. At our place everything have remained dry.






In the course of the day we start quietly with wrapping up the first traps. This does not go fast this way now the sun seems in abundance and the temperature in the tent concerns the 40 degrees Celsius. In the course of the afternoon we converge once again with Johan and Annie direction Ediger. Except for the last impressions of the picturesque town of course also to purchase some nice Moselle wines. First we go to wine house Thomas and German Kreuter. Johan and Annie have drunk the Rotling during the wine festivals of this wine farmer and want still some take bottles to the Netherlands. We taste some glasses sweet white wine and take along also some bottles.



Hereafter we go once again to Wine house Diedrichs. We have here already bought some wine and the owner greets our thus cordial. Here too we taste some types. We must try out the one type after the other at the sociable Diedrichs. We take along 6 bottles (2 types) so that we have provisional enough in stock. Evenings we go out to eat at the Saint Martinuskeller. In a secular cave there is a very sociable restaurant where you can eat deliciously. If we return with a full flatulence to the campsite.



our beautiful place

the swimming pool

the beginning of the campsite


On Thursday we wrap up the tent trailer further and close him with a bang. Still rapidly we take a shower before we the warmly thanks the owner Barbara Bielous and its family for their hospitality on campsite Zum Feuerberg. In their first year as an owner of the campsite they already lived it, but are resolved the coming years make the campsite still more attractive. We drink still a cup coffee and tea with Johan and Annie and drive then away from the campsite.


The way back to Hengelo goes without a problem. Firstly we must put on the sunglasses, but as travel progresses it becomes more and more cloudy. Just if we put the car for our door in Hengelo above us the floodgates of heaven lock open. Yes, we are back in the Netherlands.


Fridays we pick up our beagle Dieuwke who has had a sociable time at dogs pension Bernadette Hottenhuis in Saasveld. Everyone is very delighted. The family is complete again and the long walks can start. Yes we are back home.


Towards information on campsite Zum Feuerberg and further information concerning Ediger-Eller and the Moselle


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