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 Holiday story 2006  Camping Schönburg-Blick  Oberwesel


Our Holiday at campsite Schönburg-Blick in Oberwesel


On 22 June, we leave at 6.45 hour to Campsite Schönburg-blick in Oberwesel at the Rhine in Germany. It is very quit on the highway. Already at 11 hour we arrive at the campsite. We get a nice shadow pitch. If we have set up out tent trailer we met our neighbours. They are here already for two weeks with their two children and have it excellently here. They point us the nearest supermarket where we do our first shopping. Just as we have our shopping trolley full there is an enormous thunderstorm, the electricity falls out and we are in a complete dark Lidl. After some minutes, there is some light again so we can settle our goods. Through the streaming rain we run to an other supermarket, Tengelman. Here we buy the last things we need. Evenings we setup the tent-fly and enjoy our first barbecue on the Skottel. With a lovely wine from Oberwesel and a brilliant view over the Rhine, we end first day.



The Sunday begins wonderful with many sun and a pleasant 30 degrees. In the afternoon we make a walk through Oberwesel. Here are still ten towers standing who is, together with the old city wall, a visit more then worth. Evenings we chatter pleasantly with John and Angelica, our neighbours from Veghel.

Mondays we make our first day trip. We drive along the Rhine to Bingen. Here we walk around through the downtown and eat a delicious salad as a lunch. With a temperature of 33-35 degrees it’s more than pleasant. Evenings we drink some Rhine wine again with the neighbours, now for their caravan.

The Tuesday we take it easy. We drive through Oberwesel to find a winegrower for tasting some Oberwesel Wine. However, nobody seems to do business with us. The only things we sell are two pair water shoes by the Schlecker. We even drive to the surrounding towns as Engenhöll, but also here have the winegrower’s today “ruhetag”. We decide to buy some Oberwesel Wine by Tengelman (without tasting).

Wednesday we go together with our neighbours to
Koblenz. Their children Yonni and Tobias have never been away yet with the railway train, thus this is for them already a tremendous experience. By the Tourist Information Office in Koblenz, Gerald with its best German gets a free city map. If the assistant asks in excellent Dutch, if the children wants a piece of candy the hilarity is big.

In Koblenz, we walk through the pleasant old centre to the “Deutsche Eck” (German Corner). Here the Rhine and the Moselle come together. On a great pedestal you see the Emperor Wilhelm I.

Through the extreme heat of 36-37 degrees, Yonni and Tobias jump into each pond we pass. Oh after two minutes you are dry again with these temperatures. We eat something by restaurant Einstein and for the children we also go to the Mc Donald’s next to the railway station. The train brings us back to Oberwesel after which it is just a hundred meters walk to the campsite. Here we dive straight into the Rhine. At the campsite, you can swim in the Rhine between two creeks. These are at least 50 meter long and even on the end you still can stand in the water. Well has the Rhine a rather rocky bottom. Water shoes are then very pleasant. Evenings it is again time for the skottel. Here we grill a delightfully piece of meat what tastes delightfully together with the chips of the campsite cafeteria. We end the day again with a wine from the region.


The Thursday is a day of rest. Lying on the lounge-chair and from time to time a dive into the refreshing Rhine. In the afternoon there appear some dark clouds. We get a strong thunderstorm above our head, but not as awful as in other parts of Germany. In the evening we see a police boat looking for missing rubber boat that somewhere must drift in the Rhine. They find the boat, but lucky no one was on board.

Gerald calls his sister Anita and her husband Robert. Their daughter and Geralds godfather child has her birthday today and is now 2 years old. We shall celebrate her birthday well after our holiday.

On Friday, after our breakfast, our neighbours from Veghel leave back to the Netherlands. We take yet another a day of rest. Delightfully sinking back on our chairs, the feet on a small stool and sometimes a refreshing dive in the Rhine. Well holiday is so badly not yet. In the beginning of the evening we get a drop of rain. In St. Goar, only 5 km of the campsite, there is violent heavy weather and falls large hail stones out of the sky.


On Saturday 29 July, we make a half-day trip to Bacharach. A beautiful medieval town where many tourists make a visit. We knock about the beautiful small streets and enjoy a delicious lunch. Furthermore we buy some Wine from Bacharach. On the way back we make a small stop for some shopping. At the campsite we put on our water shoes for a cool and delicious swim in the Rhine. After that is it again time for the skottel and to enjoy the view on all ships and trains that past in front of us. The Sunday is a delightfully day to relaxed again. Evenings it rains just a little bit, but still no fall in temperature.


Mondays we go to the "world-famous" St. Aldegundmarkt in the Oberwesele stadtswald (forest). At this yearly festival you can sniff through the hundreds booths. On advice of Andreas, the campsite owner, we go with the bus. A good choice. On a more and more smaller road with a large increase percentages we finally arrive at our destination. In the middle of in the forest you find the booths along the narrow forest road. We walk along the busy booths and buy some small things. If we are back at the starting point we take place on one of the many seats. Everywhere you find here eat- and drink stands. We take a small pizza with spatzi (coke with orange juice) and a beer. It is no longer so hot, 28 degrees and later on the day we get a refreshing shower. After that the sun begins to cheerfully shine again.


The Tuesday begins sunny, but already soon it becomes cloudy and it starts to rain now and then. Because of the quick change of rain and sun we see a beautiful rainbow. Sitting under the tent-fly we enjoy this fantastic scene.

On the radio we hear we that the railway station in Koblenz is cleared because of a bomb alarm. We have been in Koblenz already a week ago, so we are safe. It appeared that a sharp bomb filled with flammable liquid was left on the train station. Fortunately the bomb did not explode because of a human mistake by the terrorist. The police pick up the perpetrators a single week later.


Wednesdays we go to the famous Loreley . Because bridges are scarce over the Rhine, you must cross with a small ferry by St Goar. We find the Loreley not so attractive. A meeting centre, an eat- and drink stand, the theatre where many concerts are given and a not so beautiful view over the Rhine valley as we expected is everything there is. The Loreley is especially known according to a legend, by which sitting on the rock a singing nymphomaniac with golden hairs. She would distract the boats mans so that they navigate against the many rocks inside the Rhine. A statue of this blond beauty stand at the Rhine, below the Loreley.


We drive direction Rudesheim along the statue and the Rhine. We pass our campsite at the other side of the Rhine. In the narrow streets of Rudesheim, gasses called, it is lovely to lounge trough. Many and many tourist does the same. In the small gasses you find all sorts of eating-places and of course many souvenir stores and winegrowers who try to sell their things. Naturally we buy some wine after tasting some. We take along some bottles wine of Peter, A local winegrower. We drive back along the Rhine to Kaub. Here we are crossing to the other side of the Rhine. In the middle of the Rhine there is a small amusing castle that is just restored now. The weather becomes later on the day unstable, so one moment you lie in the sun and even later you get a cloudburst.



The next two days we take is calm again. With a temperature of 23-24 degrees and some sun and shadow the weather is perfectly. Every Friday evening the campsite owner prepares always the delightfully "world-famous" spiesbraten (roast on a spit). The spiesbraten is a kind of collared beef with in the middle good seasoned onions, mmm lovely. Saturdays first there is some rain. After that it is time for the sun again. In the begin of the evening, we ring Anita for her birthday. Her Birthday we also must catch up after our holiday.
Today there is in Oberwesel also the Red wine festival. With many ships, hundred of tourists come to Oberwesel. The red wine festival takes place on the marked place downtown. At 10 o’ clock everybody goes there boats again. All the boats then try to find a nice place in the middle of the Rhine for a large fire works. We enjoy it also, but then from the bank. Hereafter the market place is almost empty so we go back to the campsite and drink there a bottle of wine.

On Sunday, we go to St. Goar. This weekend the “Hanzenfesten” are being held here. A kind of medieval knight celebration what is taking place in the city as well on the top of the castle of St. Goar. Today there will be a great Procession. We take place on a nice pavement at restaurant Zum Loreley for a lovely flammkuchen, a kind of very thin pizza. As we are eating we have a splendid view on the collared procession when they pass the restaurant.

After the procession we visit a local winegrower and take away some bottles of Peter Schneider from Damscheid. Some lovely white wines as a Riesling, a Muller-Thurau and a Kerner and also a “Rotling” (rosé) and a red wine. They taste superbly.

The next day we make a short, but brilliant ride to Urbar. This little town lies next to
Oberwesel, but much higher. Via a steep way up to 16% we stop by each occasion to enjoy the view. What a lovely picture, a view on Oberwesel and the Rhine and in the distance the castle in the Rhine by Kaub. Further down a stop for a view on the “Sieben Jungfrauen” in the Rhine. A stone mass that in former times many ships let grounded. In Urbar self we ride to the Loreleyblick. Here you stand directly opposite the Loreley and have you a brilliant view on this solid rock mass, a camping and St. Goar.


Tuesday we make again a small day trip. Via Oberwesel, Delhofen, Langscheid and Perscheid, we ride to Erbach. From here back to the Rhine via Steeg and Bacharach. In Bacharach, we eat a Pizza and after that we went once again to a wine tasting, this time by winzer Abshof from Hahnstein who owns a small store in Baccharach. Here we try some of his different wines. A weiser Burgunder, a Kerner and a Riesling are the Lieblich wines, the rose is a Portuguese Weisherbs and the red wine a Dornfelder. Al these wines will complete our stock.


On the Wednesday, we begin calm to pack the first things. Against five only the body of our tent trailer is still standing. If we pay our account by Andreas, the very kind and always cheerful campsite owner, we get both a bottle wine for home. Edith a red and Gerald a white Riesling spätlesse. These are from Andreas favourite Winzer Heinrich Weiler from Oberwesel. We decide to spend our last evening for our holiday at the Rhine with a dinner at Rathaus Weiler am marktplatz. The food is very delicious.

The Thursday we stand up early and after the breakfast, we fold up the last part of our tentrailer. After saying goodbye to Andreas Huber, the owner of Campsite Schönburg-blick,  we drive back away from Oberwesel. In more than an hour later we arrive at the picturesque Moselle place Ediger-Eller. Here for the third year in succession we celebrate the yearly wine festival, Osterlämmchen wine festival.


Click here for our story of our holiday at the Mosella 2006 in Ediger-Eller (Dutch)

Camping Schönburg-blick


Camping Schönburg-blick is a small and very good-natured camp-site in the middle part of the Rhine near the wine village Oberwesel. It lies between Koblenz and Mainz and is within easy reach into one day from many Countries. The camp-site has approximately 50 places which nearly lies all to the border of the Rhine. There are some trees which ensure especially during the warm days the necessary shade. The sanitair is not too modern, but always clean. On the camp-site you find a splendid oldtimer which is converted to an imbiss. Here at the border of the Rhine you can enjoy at the "biergarten" a cold glass beer or wine or a nice small bite that is prepared by the woman of the house. Along the camp-site there is a bicycle path by which all places in the surrounding can be visited.

The camp-site enjoy a good reputation at camper owners. They can get nice pitch where they can choose their own extra supplies such as electricity, sanitary etc and pay also no more then neccesary. But even if you come with a bicycle, a small tent, with a caravan, tent trailer or only with a canoe, everyone is most welcome here.
The wine village Oberwesel lies on walking distance, as well as all other supplies such as hypermarkets, restaurants and two filling stations. In short, a very nice camp-site with pleasant owners who ensures an uninhibited environment on camp-site Schönburg-blick. The whole area falls under the world heritage of Unesco.





The wine village Oberwesel (3200 inhabitants) belongs to the largest wine-growing areas of middle Rhine region. The large domain of Schlöss Schönburg counts 72 hectares to steep wine mounts where the wine farmers cultivate mainly Riesling, Muller-Thurgau and Kerner. You can try out all these wines at several wine farmers. Also the wine farmers organise regularly a walk through the steep vintages.
Oberwesel is one of the cities along the Rhine which had to suffer most of the medieval war violence. The old town wall is riddled with kanons - and gun balls. Nowadays there are still more than 30 steeple towers. Large parts of the old town wall are accessible for a great  walk. The medieval churches Saint Martinus and the Liebfrauenkirche still rise far above the city. In the Liebfrauenkirche you can find a golden altar in the sanctuary.



From Oberwesel several day excursions along the Rhine can be make to other Rhine villages. On both Rhinebanks you find many old castles, citadels or ruines among the steep wine mounts.
Many ships sails daily down or upstreams. Direction Koblenz you sail long the "sieben Jungfrauen" and the legend Loreley. This is both the narrowest and the deepest part of the Rhine. Time tables are in the local Tourist Information Office available.
There are also a lot of walking possibilities in Oberwesel and the surroundings. Short routes of approximately 7km, but also long distance routes to Wiebelsheim are possibilities.