Bonfire is an all instrumental progressive rock group, founded in 1974. The band featured Cees Meerman (drums), Eugene den Hoed (guitars, flute), Kees den Hoed (bass) and Frank Witte (keyboards, recorders). Bonfire recorded just one album in 1975, Bonfire Goes Bananas. The album consists of five short tracks on side one, and a long track on side two. A single Contrast/Circle was also released. After this album the band disbanded for a while. 

However in 1980 Frank Witte reformed the band with three new members: Harald Heynen (guitar), Michel Van Schie (bass) and Jaap De Weyer (drums). They recorded two demo-songs, and this time with lyrics. It wasn't a success, however, and the band disbanded again.

Cees Meerman played with several artists, among them were the late Herman Brood. Eugene den Hoed is currently playing in a band with Pat Cool's bass player Tom van der Schoot.

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