The Story of Ekseption
The Story Of Ekseption

1. Interview Start (By Tineke de Nooy)
2. Interview Second Part
3. Romance For Violin And Orchestra No 2 In F Opus 50 (Clip)
4. Rondo: Piano Concert No.3 C Minor Opus 37 (Clip)
5. Flight Of The Bumble Bee (Rehearsal)
6. Midbar Sessions (Clip)
7. In 't Hotel C Jam Blues (Rehearsal)
8. Air (Clip)
9. My Son (Clip)
10. Concerto (Clip)
11. Sabredance (Clip)
12. Peace Planet (Clip)

On Tour In Israël:
13. Midbar Session
14. Vivace Vivaldi
15. For Example
16. Italian Concerto
17. Concerto
18. Peace Planet

On Tour In France And Italy:
19. Another History
20. Rondo: Piano Concert No.3 C Minor Opus 37
21. The Fifth
22. Italian Concerto
23. On Sunday The Will Kill The World (Rehearsal)
24. Sabredance

Live In Germany
Live In Germany

Bonus CD

Live In Germany

1. Toccata And Fuga In D-Minor
2. Your Home
3. Peace Planet
4. Concerto
5. Trumpet Concert In B-Flat
6. Air
7. Rhapsody In Blue
8. Thoughts
9. Summertime
10. For Example
11. The Fifth
12. Italian Concerto
13. Sabredance
14. My Pianoman

CD Information

This box contains a DVD with interviews, music videos and live performances. There is also a bonus CD, Live in Germany.

As a fan and collector of Ekseption for a few years now, I was of course very excited about the possibility of finally seeing some footage of the band too. However, personally I had hoped for something more interesting than what "The Story of" has to offer. Most of the DVD seems to be made up of two documentaries which were produced for Dutch television in the early 70's. The first one features lots of interviews with mainly Rick van der Linden and Rein van der Broek where they talk about their feelings and thoughts about the music, each other, the band, their families and the fans. The real problem with this DVD reveals itself clearly during this part. Most of the time you don't see or hear the band play anything live. Instead they are just miming to the studio-recordings in various locations such as the studio, a very good looking old house, in a barn surrounded by cows (!) or upon tractors and while messing around in some old cars. This quickly becomes tedious and frustrating as you get a feeling of never seeing the band doing the real thing. The part from the tour in Israel in 1972 gives you more of the same, including what looks like private holiday-footage where all the miming becomes straight out idiotic after a while. You can see some few and VERY brief glimpses from the actual concerts that they played in Israel, but they're all quickly cut off by several pointless and uninteresting sequences, like the one where van der Linden is making an interview with the occupants of a kibbutz. Give me a break! The track listing is also full of errors. It claims that both "For Example" and "Italian Concerto" are included in the part from Israel, while it's actually "Monlope" that is being played all the time. This was also the case with the first documentary, where the producer obviously mistook Bach's "Siciliano" for Beethoven's "Romance". The clips from France and Italy are slightly better as they at least feature a few real live-recordings of some full-length songs: "Italian Concerto" and "Sabre Dance". The rehearsal of "Rondo" in the empty outdoor-arena in Italy is also quite cool to watch. The rehearsal of "Another History" feature Michel van Djik on vocals, and believe me, you will have a hard time keeping a straight face while watching this guy sing! His mimics and rolling eyes looks like a parody of an over-emotional singer. The DVD also includes a recent clip made especially for this release where producer Tony Vos' wife Tineke de Nooy is interviewing Rein van der Broek. The interview reveals a couple of interesting and unknown facts, such as the band stole the orchestral passages at the beginning and end of "The 5th" from a Russian recording to avoid copyright issues. But "The Story of" is mostly for collectors only. The bonus in form of the CD "Live in Germany" doesn't help much, as it's identical to the lacklustre "The Reunion" that consisted of a boring and uninspired reunion-concert from 1993. Let's hope that someone instead will dig up some vintage live-footage of the band and release it, as this DVD at least reveals that such things do exist in the archives.

(Tommy Schonenberg, Vintage Prog)

An Ekseptional Trace
An Ekseptional Trace

  1. King-Bird (R. van der Linden) [6:12]
  2. Sculpture-Bird (R. van der Linden) [2:03]
  3. Pathetique (L. von Beethoven) [3:27]
  4. Surrender (R. van der Linden) [6:43]
  5. Medley [7:58]
    a) Confrontation (H. Schäfer, R. van der Linden)
    b) Preacher Bird (R. van der Linden, H. Mojo)
    c) A Memory (Traditional)
  1. Song For Life [4:28]
  2. Dreamwish [2:29]
  3. Angelsong For Jolease [2:41]
  4. Just For You [3:09]
  5. A Prayer [3:02]
  6. The Fifth Symphony (L. von Beethoven) [3:41]
  7. Fireworks [15:06]
  8. Happiness [4:01]
  9. Toccata 1973 (J.S. Bach) [4:03]
  10. Medley [16:18]
    a) Fireworks
    b) Gaillarde (J.S. Bach)

  • Rick van der Linden: Mellotron, organ, piano, ARP synthesizer and Hohner clavinet
  • Ian Mosley: Drums
  • Jaap van Eik: Bass guitar

Guest: Hans Jacobse: Keyboard (on 5)

  • Rick van der Linden: Keyboards
  • Inez van der Linden: Vocals
  • Mark Inneo: Drums
  • Bob Shields: Guitar
  • Meredith Nelson: Bass guitar
  • Peter Tong: Keyboards
The Trace material was recorded May 22nd 1977 at Musikladen and the Ekseption material was recorded at June 14th 2003 in Oldenzaal, except 14 which is a recording from 1973 and 15 which was recorded at June 20th 2003 in Soest.

Musea 9024 (2007)

Ekseption DVD