Gamma was a session group who made a jazzy, progressive album. After the album Alpha, the band reformed with Paul Poulissen and a bunch of new session players to make a latinrock album, Darts in 1974.



Alpha (1973)

Alpha (1973)

  1. Gamma (E.Starink) [6:15]
  2. I had a wonderful dream (E.Starink, F. Te Spenke) [3:30]
  3. Dear Igor (Srawinsky) (F. Te Spenke) [2:40]
  4. Sphinx (E.Starink) [5:00]
  5. Choo-Choo (F. Te Spenke) [2:55]
  6. Linda (P. Poulissen) [4:00]
  7. Helena (F. Te Spenke) [3:30]
  8. Fandango (F. Te Spenke, P. Poulissen) [5:20]


  • Ed Starink: Guitar, organ, piano, vocals
  • Frans Te Spenke: Piano, vocals 
  • Jan Willem Ludolph: Bass guitar
  • Kees Moolhuizen: Guitar
  • Paul Poulissen: Organ, piano, saxophone
  • Ton Van Dijk: Drums, percussion

LP GA 7206 (1973)

Very competent and sometimes excellent prog rock, wonderful instrumentals and psych singing/lyrics. Style alternates between rhythm & bluesy rock and academic prog, with quite a few beautifully orchestrated and touching horns throughout.

(Guy Bahir)

Gamma was the brainchild of keyboards player Paul Poulissen. The two different formations of the group both played highly competent jazz-rock, stylistically typical of the mid-seventies and with the emphasis on keyboards. Gamma (1973) was a powerful effort with several parts bordering on "progressive rock" vaguely similar to Focus. Four of the eight tracks had unusual vocals by Frans Michel.

(Scented Gardens Of The Mind, D. E. Asbjørnsen)

Another little-known band from Holland,who's rare works "Gamma" (1972) and "Darts" (1974) definitely worth a spin. They were formed in 1970 by their leader organist/pianist Paul Poulissen and actually they worked more like a session group than a full-time band, as Poulissen is the only musician presented on both of their albums.

Their first release, entitled "Alpha", came out in 1973 and Gamma's music can be defined as a mixed bag of brass rock and soft orchestral prog rock, bringing to mind bands like Ekseption (for the dominent horn section) and Focus (for the flute-driven classical-inspired passages).The musicianship is very nice, showing a band with talent and potential, but what actually spoils the whole effort are the unbearable vocals of Frans Te Spenke, who sings like if he was a singer coming out of a low-budget musical. Fortunately the album is mostly instrumental, ranging from brass-rock parts with horns and saxes and jazzy inteplays with piano/bass/drums on the front and Jan Akkerman-like guitars to classical soft instrumental themes with great flute work and and the awaited early 70's sound of slight psychedelic doses.

Alpha won't blow your mind, but it is certainly an decent but lost progressive work of the Dutch scene, which will definitely reward your efforts to purchase it.

(apps79, Rate Your Music)

Darts (1974)

Darts (1974)



  1. Wishing Like Children part one [3:15]
  2. Wishing Like Children part two [2:11]
  3. Exposal [5:03]
  4. Endless [2:24]
  5. Goodbye Holiday [6:11]
  6. Darts [6:45]
  7. Anna's Mood [2:28]
  8. Heart Rythme [4:43]
  9. Your Face [3:30]


  • Paul Poulissen: Organ, piano, Mellotron, ARP synthesizer, saxophone
  • Lex Bolderdijk: Guitar
  • Hans van der Schaft: Drums, percussion
  • Rob Goubitz: Bass guitar
  • Bob Martens: Percussion
  • Wouter Hasebos: Guitar

LP Pandora NR 502 (1974)


Darts (1974) ranged from Canterbury jazz-rock and graceful Latin-jazz to easy listening, only changing mood when interrupted by Lex Bolderdijk's really powerful electric guitar statements (on three tracks only).

(Scented Gardens Of The Mind, D. E. Asbjørnsen)