Group 1850


Groep 1850 is the continuation of the band The Klits from The Hague in 1966. The members were Daniel van Bergen (guitar), Beer Klaasse (drums), Rob de Rijke (bass guitar) and Peter Sjardin (vocals, keyboards and flute). A first single, Misty night, is released the same year. The band toured a lot and was a supporting act for bands like The Kinks, The Rolling Stones and Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention. Later that year de Rijke is replaced by  Ruud van Buren. In 1967 two more singles are released which become minor hits. The music they make is best described as avant-garde rock with psychedelic influences. 

In 1968 their debut album is released, Agemo's Trip To Mother Earth. And with this album they make their name. The music is very experimental and the sales are pretty good. The band even plays part in an Italian gangster movie, Amore Matto Amore. But at the end of the year the band breaks up. Klaasse, Van Buren and Van Bergen form the new band Boots together with vocalist Jack Eckhardt. Beer Klaasse would later turn up in Finch.

Group 1850

In 1968 Peter Sjardin forms a new version of Groep 1850. This time with guitarist Dave Duba, bass player Dolf Geldof and drummer Martin van Duynhoven. Former member Daniël van Bergen returns. The produce a single and a new album, Paradise Now, from which many copies are sold. At the end of the year Martin van Duynhoven is replaced by Paul van Wageningen and Daniël van Bergen leaves the band. With this formation and with the help of percussionist Neppy Noya live recordings are made, which are released in 1974.

In the years to follow Groep 1850 is more a project of Sjardin. They perform in changing formations of musicians and singles are irregularly released. In 1975 Polyandri is released with a bunch of old and new members.

Daniel van Bergen died on December 12 in 2012, aged 65 and Peter Sjardin died on May 16 2015, aged 69.

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Groep 1850