Avalanche was a project by multi instrumentalist Jan Blom from Gouda. With the help of a few other musicians they recorded an album. It was recorded with the help of a technician on only four tracks in a school in The Hague. 500 copies of the album were released. Although there were plans to record another album, the band ceased to exist. Daan Slaman would later join Pinpoint.

Perseverance Kills Our Game (1979)
Perseverance Kills Our Game

  1. Lodalientje [3:55]
  2. Cola-tik [2:47]
  3. Hymn On Wind And Water [5:17]
  4. Maiden Voyage [6:56]
  5. Gimmick For 20 Fingers [1:18]
  6. Transcendence (for Leo) [7:11]
  7. Images Of Long Gone By [2:29]
  8. Oblivion [11:14]


  • Rob Dekker: Piano and keyboards
  • Daan Slaman: Guitar
  • Jan Blom: Vocals, mandolin, guitar, bass, bombarde and vocals [4]
  • Marcella Neeleman: Flute
  • Fred Dekker: Bass guitar
  • Johan Spek: Drums and percussion

Produced and mixed by Sjako van der Speld
Engineered by Hans Heeres
Recorded at the De Zespunt in Moordrecht, Thomas Moore MAVO Den Haag and Raam 123 Gouda during September/Oktober 1979

LP Starlet 10036 SL (1979)
CD Guerssen GUESSCD05 (2015)
LP Guerssen GUESS144 (2015)



Bowl was a symphonic progband that played music in the style of Camel, Alquin and Kayak. During their existence, between 1975 and 1977, several tracks were recorded. Some of these tracks, recorded at their practice room in Kuinre and a concert in Emmeloord, are now released on one CD.

  1. Wander all alone [4:16]
  2. Child in the sun [6:14]
  3. Dreams of desire [3:04]
  4. The plack [8:09]
  5. 1/3 Crucify [1:58]
  6. Standing before the window [5:10]
  7. Time will tell [10:37]
  8. Girl [3:53]
  9. Nameless [4:04]
  10. Little smile [5:10]
  11. Change for a lifetime [10:11]
  12. How can you hang on [6:42]
  13. 1/2 Crazy mouse [3:25]


  • Hessel Hoornveld: Bass guitar, guitar
  • Hans Elmers: Vocals
  • Johan Spiering: Keyboards
  • Bas Blom: Guitar (on [1] to [4])
  • Hans Andringa: Drums
  • Herman Meyer: Guitar (on [5] to [13])
  • Bob Schaafsma: Guitar (on [12] and [13])

These tracks were recorded in 1975 (1 - 11) in Kuinre and in 1976 (12-13) in Emmeloord. The tracks were mastered at Studio Last Horizon.


In 1969 Bluesband Crusade was formed. After some time, like many other blues groups, Crusade changed their music to Progressive Rock.

In 1973 the band consisted of Cleem Determeijer (keyboards), Willem van der Wall (guitar and vocals), Pjotr Jurtschenko (flute and vocals), Henk Bol (bass guitar and vocals) and Mels Bol (drums). Also in 1973 they signed an exclusive contract with the famous Paul Acket Agency and even appeared at the Holland Festival of that year. In 1974 they started recording at the Rainbow Studios in The Hague. These sessions were to produce a first single and an album. Due to the world wide oil crisis this was, unfortunately, never to be. The disappointment eventually led to the break up of the band.



Danger is an experimental jazz-rock trio that released an album as a private pressing. It contains two side long improvisations reminiscent of Soft Machine. The recording was made during a rehearsal and is fully improvised. The only thing that was added later is the voice on side two.



  1. 1 [21:28]
  2. 2 [20:17]


  • Mike Floothuis: Organ, vocals
  • Jaap Lindijer: Synthesizer
  • Kees Neeteson: Saxophone

Recorded by Bob de Lange.
Cover by Paul de Nooijer.
Recorded January 17, 1973 at the Paard van Troje Studio, Den Haag, The Netherlands

LP COW RCS 315 (1973)



Crying Wood

In the mid sixties the band Goldstar Brothers was formed by singer Andre Groote, guitarist Henk Groote and drummer Ben Groote. Later they changed their name to G-Brothers and finally to Geebros. They were joined by organ player Lol Nijhuis, who was replaced by Henny Backers in 1968. The music was somewhat psychedelic. In 1969 their musical interest changed and they choose yet another name: Crying Wood. By this time they made heavy progressive music.

The bandtoured intensively and even recorded an album in 1970, which was called "Back to the mountains". Apparently this album was only released in Canada. The music on it is heavy with hints of Focus and Pantheon. Shortly after recording the album, the band fell apart. In 1974 the band is reformed by Ben Groote in 1974. Other members are: Cor Lievers (keyboards), Jan Veldkamp (guitar) and Gert Kozijn (bass guitar). Although the band records several demo's, a proper release was never made. Several line up changes follow, and the band finally ends in 1976.

Crying Wood

Crying Wood 45
Back to the mountains
Back to the Mountains


  1. Back to the Mountains [3:05]
  2. Son of the Meadow [4:04]
  3. Someone Who Needs You [3:39]
  4. Stone Desert [4:51]
  5. Blue Eyed Witch [3:25]
  6. Trip [2:48]
  7. Never Is [6:36]
  8. The Sun Is Filled With Love [5:48]
  9. Today Away [6:06]
  10. Back to the Mountains (reprise) [2:15]


  • Henny Backers: Organ, piano
  • Ben Groote: Drums, vocals
  • Cor Mestenbeld: Bass guitar
  • Andre Groote: Vocals
  • Henk Groote: Guitar, vocals

Recorded at GTB studios, The Hague
LP 1970


Fragile was an obscure band that played a heavy, twin guitar rock. They choose this name as a tribute to the band Yes, who had released an album by the same name. The music of Fragile is not unlike Cargo or Wishbone Ash. The band saw the light around 1972. They recorded an album in 1974 but it was not released until 1976. After the album was released their rehearsal location, including their equipment, was burnt down. This didn't make them stop performing, but eventually they did disband the band due to lack of income. In 2004 their album was released on cd.

Fragile NvhN 17-03-1976

Fragile (1976) Fragile
  1. Sweet Introspect (Fragile) [5:17]
  2. Caroline Funk (Fragile) [3:56]
  3. Good Evening (Fragile) [6:49]
  4. Back On My Feet Again (Fragile) [5:07]
  5. Face To Face (Fragile) [5:04]
  6. So Sad (Fragile) [13:02]
  7. I Wonder (Fragile) [4:45]


  • Henk Limaheluw: Guitar
  • Ferry Limaheluw: Guitar
  • Chris Limaheluw: Bass guitar
  • Hank Oraille: Vocals and percussion
  • Ted Tahapary: Drums

Produced by Ben Donkelaar
Recorded at Flower Tree Studio

LP Private pressing LLP6729 (1976)
CD Estrella ER42121 (2004)

FragileFragile (1976)



Ernst Kersting and Cees de Visser formed a duo under names like Abandoned Elephant, 11 Phant, Ellef-Fant and finally Ellufant. Kersting played his self build organ and de Visser played drums and a sort of echo machine played . Their music was very much improvised and during live performances tracks could last for about a half hour to three quarters of an hour. In 1972 they recorded a live album on behalf of Release, an organisation to help drug addicts. From this album 150 copies were made.

Release concert (1972)

Release concert


  1. Ubiquinon (E. Kersting) [16:05]
  2. Ouabaïne (E. Kersting) [16:49]


  • Ernst Kersting: v.s.k. electronics organ
  • Cees P. de Visser: Percussion

Recorded live on April 7th, 1972 at Ruimtes Situatie Centrum, Rotterdam.
Engineered by Koos Groeneveld
Produced by Lou Thiel
Cover by Fred Julsing

LP Discothiel (1972)



Project of composer Cees van Aanholt putting this band together for recording his music. After many changes and due of lack of time, Tamalone disbanded in 1981. The name Tamalone is taken from the charracter Tamalone (I am Alone) from the book- A tramp in Love- (1904) from the early 20-s century writer Arthur van Schendel. The story tells about the freedom of dreaming, unwanted love afairs and putting dreams above reallity. After Tamalone van Aanholt played in Blade Runner. Paul Pijman died in 1984.


New Acres (1979)
New Acres


  1. New Acres [5:13]
  2. Good Earth's Wine [3:11]
  3. Moment Of Grief [4:32]
  4. Interpreter [2:59]
  5. Triangle Tune [2:25]
  6. London Town [3:59]
  7. Song For Ophillus [5:50]
  8. Homage To Life [2:41]
  9. Answers [4:40]
  10. Epilogue [1:47]


  • Cees van Aanholt: Accoustic Guitar, flute, vocals
  • Jan van Hout: Guitar
  • Ad van de Staak: Bass guitar
  • Paul Pijman: Keyboards
  • Rob van Belkom: Drums, percussion, backing vocals
  • Ester van der Hoorn: Vocals, flute

LP Crossroad 279.109 (1979)

Recorded in the Crossroads Studio in Oss, The Netherlands
Released in 500 vinyl copies.

TamaloneNew Acres (1979)


Wisse Scheper

Although this is an album made under the name of Wisse Scheper (ex Act of God), it is often referred as the band Topaz. The members met at the Groningen Conservatory. One of them is drummer George Snijder, who used to play in Pugh's Place.

At one of their practice sessions in Bartlehiem, they were heard by producer Ruud Jacobs and they signed a contract at CBS. In 1972 album is recorded. In the same year Snijder and Faulhaber are replaced by drummer Klaas de Vries and guitarist Eef Albers. The latter would record with Focus.

By the time it was 1973 the band had already come to an end. In interviews Scheper told he was recording a solo album withe the brothers Hollestelle on bass and guitar and drummer Debije, but this album was never released.

  1. Rainbow (W. Scheper) [2:35]
  2. Goldilocks (W. Scheper) [3:52]
  3. Willian's smile (W. Scheper) [2:50]
  4. Our love will be b (now) (W. Scheper) [4:10]
  5. During the day (W. Scheper) [4:34]
  6. Woman (W. Scheper) [3:45]
  7. Don't you cheat on me, Debbie (please) (W. Scheper) [3:26]
  8. Walking in the park (W. Scheper) [2:58]
  9. Silver Johnny (W. Scheper) [3:45]
  10. Who are you (W. Scheper) [3:21]


  • Wisse Scheper: Vocals, piano, organ, celeste, acoustic guitar, vibraphone
  • Jan Prins: Flute
  • Hans Roelofsen: Bass guitar
  • Otto Faulhaber: Electric guitar
  • George Snijder: Drums

LP CBS S 64817 (1972)

Engineered by Jan Audier and produced by Chris Hinze.
Arranged by Wisse Scheper
Recorded at Soundpush Studios, Blaricum, The Netherlands.

Topaz back sideTopaz Back side

Topaz inner sleeve Inner sleeve


Topaz single

Rainbow (W. Scheper) [2:35]
Goldilocks (W. Scheper) [3:52]

CBS 7830 (1972)
Topaz single
Who are you (W. Scheper) [3:21]


Voiz originates from Franeker and is a band that play a sort of blues with progressive influences and religious lyrics. They started under the name His Masters Voice and the members where Koop Hofman (bass guitar), Sietse Kuipers (guitar), Bauke Sijtsma (guitar), Jacob Sijtsma (drums) and Herke Tichelaar (guitar). The music they play is folk rock with religious lyrics. As time goes by, they change their style to more progressive music. The line up is also changing, they are joined by Ivo de Jong (flute) and Jan Idzenga (bass guitar). When they were invited to record an album for the Grapevine lable in Eastborne, England they changed their name to Voiz. After some personnel changes the band evolved into Bonnie & the Boerema's. At this time the music was more soul and ska.

Boanerges (1977)


  1. Little words [6:03]
  2. Laughing [3:10]
  3. All the way from Fryslan [2:18]
  4. Trust [4:18]
  5. Keep quiet [7:33]
  6. Quality of life [4:30]
  7. Dank U (Thank You) [7:00]


  • Koop Hofman: Guitar, vocals
  • Jan Idzenga: Bass guitar
  • Ivo de Jong: Flute, clarinet, saxophone
  • Jacob Sytsma: Drums
  • Herke Tichelaar: Guitar, ukulele, vocals

Produced by Pete Yates-Round
Recorded at ICC Studios, Eastbourne
Mastered at The Master Room, London
Engineered by Andy Kidd
Sleeve design by Phil Johns

LP Disaster Electronics (1978)

VoizBoanerges (1977)



The Rotterdam based Swinging Soul Machine changed its name to Machine and started to play a kind of hardrock with progressive influences. Singer John Caljouw came from the legendary band Dragonfly. Machine existed from 1970 to 1972 but was also revived from 1973 to 1974 by Content and Warby. New members were Jaap Schoonhoven (guitar), Michel Marion (bass guitar), Marc Holland (drums), Nico Doorduyn (vocals) and Andre de Wendt (vocals, guitars).

As singles "Lonesome tree / Mohammed street" (Polydor 2050 017) and "Rainmaker / Say goodbye to your friends" (Polydor 2050049) were released.

Machine (1970)



  1. Rainmaker (Machine) [3:23]
  2. Virgin (Machine) [4:29]
  3. Say goodbye to your friends (H. Sel, J. Caljouw) [2:46]
  4. God's children (Machine) [4:41]
  5. Old black magic (Machine) [3:42]
  6. Spanish roads (Machine) [5:23]
  7. Lonesome tree (F. Content) [3:38]
  8. Sunset eye (F. Content) [6:26]


  • John Caljouw: Vocals
  • Francois Content: Trumpet
  • Wim Warby: Tenor sax
  • Maarten Beckers: Saxophone, flute, clarinet
  • Hans Sel: Guitar
  • Paul Vink: Keyboards
  • Jan Warby: Bass guitar
  • Jan Bliek: Drums

LP Polydor 2441020 (1970)
CD Synton DWPD2052
CD Dwarf / Perceptions Records PDLP (2002)

Produced by Jaap Eggermont
Engineered by Erik Bakker
Photography by Richard Henning and Michael Walmsley

Machine (1970)


Lonesome tree
Lonesome tree (F. Content) [3:38]
Mohammed street

Polydor 2050 017
Lonesome treeRainmaker
Rainmaker (Machine) [3:23]
Say goodbye to your friends (H. Sel, J. Caljouw) [2:46]

Polydor 2050049

Ton Vlasman

Ton Vlasman, born in Rotterdam, created a psychedelic folk album in 1970. The album was recorded in one-and-a-half day and was released on the Amsterdam-based Flame Record label, an independent run by Don Peijters. His brother played in the legendary formation The Sound of Imker. The album sold badly at the time. In 1974 Vlasman surfaced under the name Flashman.

Ton Vlasman
Ton Vlasman
White Rooms with Disintegrating Walls
  1. To Sell (T. Vlasman) [2:48]
  2. Fight with a Circular Course (T. Vlasman) [15:39]
  3. Walking in a Country Lane (T. Vlasman) [3:43]
  4. It's All Right with Me (T. Vlasman) [1:44]
  5. Mithrandir the White Horse Rider (T. Vlasman) [9:51]
  6. Pale Blue Eyes (L. Reed) [3:35]
  7. Story of Too Many Prisoners (T. Vlasman) [2:19]
  8. The End (T. Vlasman) [1:28]


  • Ton Vlasman: Guitar and vocals
  • Frans Schoonen: Organ, flute and harmonica
  • Leo v.d. Vugt: Chincha, tumba and tambourine

Sleeve by Leendert Le Duc

LP Red Fox RF 623 (1970)
CD Red Fox (2004)
CD Estrella Rockera

Ton Vlasman inner sleeve Inner sleeve

Ton vlasman backTon Vlasman



Marakesh is a band that came from Dordrecht and was formed in 1970 by Jan Plomp (drums), George Amelung (guitar, vocals), Wijnand Zijlmans (guitar, vocals), Zeeger Roobel (alt sax) and Dick de Jong (tenor sax). During their existence they suffered many line up changes. In 1976 they recorded an album. It consisted of long, dreamy symphonic tracks with jazzy influences. After the album was released, the band changed more towards a jazz rock band. In 1978 the band ended. One track of this new direction ended up on the sampler "Drechtstreek": Hot Flushes.

Henk Zijderveld went on to Carry Load and Ronnie Willemse became a member of Nightbird. Wout Prins went to Deadline and Pitches but eventually became the owner of a recording studio and Evert Houtman played in several bands, one of them was Deadline.

Album sleeve

  1. Will she come (D. de Jong) [7:27]
  2. Autumn dy 49 (Marakesh) [8:51]
  3. Moonshadows (D. de Jong) [1:33]
  4. I will stay (J. van Dongen, D. de Jong) [5:51]
  5. Sentimental dream (R. Willemse) [4:26]
  6. Hounted man (E. Houtman, D. de Jong) [7:33]
  7. Will you do it (R. Willemse, D. de Jong) [7:27]
  • Jan van Dongen: Organ, piano, strings and vocals
  • Evert Houtman: Guitars
  • Dick de Jong: Saxophones, lute and vocals
  • Wout Prins: Bass guitar and vocals
  • Ronnie Willemse: Guitars
  • Henk Zijderveld: Drums and percussion
  • Dave in 't Veld: Trumpet

Produced by Marakesh, Jan Ridderinkhof and Rudolf Kuipers
Engineered by Bas de Zwart and Henry Winter
Cover by Erik Houtman, photography by Onno Houtman

LP Mirasound MS5023 (1976)
CD Paisley Press PP120 (2016)



Progressive rock band that starts in 1975 ends in 1983 and resurfaces as US in 1998. In the beginning Jos Wernars, Paul van Velzen and Ernest Wernars played Moody Blues and Steely Dan covers, but soon they worked on their own material. An album was released in 1979. After the release of the album Eeken left the band and new singer Tom de Jong joined the band. After a short tour de Jong and Goebertus left the band. They didn't find a new keyboard player, so Wernars took this role. Later new guitarist Nico Bakker and vocalist Ton van Kesteren entered the band. But after a few gigs the new memebers left, leaving the three original members behind. Lack of money made them sell their equipment leading to the end of Saga. In 1998 the Saga threesome started to play music again under the new name US, releasing several albums.

To whom it concerns (1979)
To whom it concerns


  1. Ragnarok [6:00]
  2. Time only rumours [3:19]
  3. To whom it concerns [9:31]
  4. True or false [10:10]
  5. Memoires [9:53]


  • Jos Wernars: Electric guitar, 6/12 string acoustic guitars, voice
  • Ernest Wernars: Bass guitar, basspedals, 12 string electric guitar, voice
  • Alex Eeken: Drums
  • Guido Goebertus: Hammond A3, piano, ARP-Axxe, mellotron
  • Paul van Velzen: Lead vocals, drums, percussion

LP UAP-004 (1979)

SagaTo whom it concerns (1979)

To whom it concerns (1979) Sleeve



Sustain is a progressive rock band that existed from 1976 until 1982 and recorded two albums. They started as a quartet, but were joined in 1977 by a sax player to become a quintet. The first album was released in 1978. In 1980 they changed their name to Sustayn and made more popular music. With this formation an album was released in 1981.


Sustain (1979)


  1. Quintus [3:28]
  2. I'm In Love [7:02]
  3. Madman [5:55]
  4. You All Are .... [5:29]
  5. .... Crazy Fools [1:32]
  6. Same Game [3:08
  7. Time [5:06]
  8. Feelings [7:07]
  9. Soldados [5:40]


  • Giezel Voorsluijs: Bass, vocals, percussion
  • Hans Grandia: Drums and percussion
  • Wallie Latumeten: Guitar, vocals, percussion
  • Coert Coehoorn: Keyboards, vocals, percussion
  • Frank Van Helvoirt: Saxophone [Alto], percussion

LP UAP-002 (1978)


Sustayn (1981)
Time for a change


  1. Quizmasters Victim (G. Voorsluijs)
  2. Time For A Change (K. Coehoorn)
  3. Vibrations (K. Coehoorn)
  4. Broken Window (K. Coehoorn)
  5. Struggle (G. Voorsluijs)
  6. Mo And Jo (D. Soumokil)
  7. Feelings (G. Voorsluijs)
  8. Freaking Around (K. Coehoorn)
  9. Summer '65 (K. Coehoorn)
  10. The Entertainer (G. Voorsluijs, K. Coehoorn)


  • Giezel Voorsluijs: Bass and vocals
  • Hans Grandia: Drums and percussion
  • Daan Soumokil: Guitar and vocals
  • Coert Coehoorn: Keyboards and vocals

LP VLP 198168 (1981)

Engineered by Jaap Brunner
Produced by Sustayn, Jaap Brunner and Jelmer van Knijff
Recorded and mixed October and November 1981 at Ballad Sound Studio, Vuren, The Netherlands

Sustayn (1981)Sustayn (1981)

Children of Jubal

Children of Jubal were a psychedelic rockband from Surhuisterveen. The music was experimental with influences from Pink Foyd and Soft Machine. The band formed in 1967 by Geert van der Velde (drums and vocals), Harry Moltmaker (bass guitar) and Anne Weening (guitar). At the time they were known as First Edition. They changed their name in 1969 when they discovered that there already existed a band with that name. Around the same time Weening was replaced by Teake Beukema. During this period they played their on material with titles like 'Tuin Der Lusten' and 'The First Trip to Brother Bell'.

They were also joined by Sietze Pultrun who became their technician. In 1971 they found a new drummer in Eric Dam, which meant that van der Velde could focus on his vocal skills. In 1972 Beukema left the band because he needed the time for his study. That year Yntze Heida joined the band as guitarist. This would be the most successful formation. They also recorded two songs for a split album (together with Pugh's Place and Rick - Dave). In 1974 the band got rid off Pultrun and they named themselves simply Children. The music became more straight forward rock. In September 4 1976 they performed a 10 year jubilee concert in De Lawei in Drachten, playing music from all incarnations of the band. In 1979 the band ended. In 1999 they performed for a reunion concert in Drachten. Heida went to the band Bee Brunett and played in Timmi Ritmo. He is currently active in Rubber Soul, a Beatles revival band.

Children of Jubal

Children of Jubal

Child In Time

Child in time - Live

  • Pugh's Place:
  1. Every little thing (P. McCartney, J. Lennon) [5:20]
  2. Child in time (R. Blackmore, I. Gillan, R. Glover, J. Lord, I. Paice) [11:30]
  • Children of Jubal:
  1. Blue horizon (Children of Jubal) [4:50]
  2. Song of jubal (Children of Jubal) [10:50]
  • Rick - Dave:
  1. Song of a wobsal at the Pow-Wow (Rick - Dave) [6:00]
  • Geert van den Velde: Vocals
  • Harry Moltmaker: Bass guitar
  • Yntze Heida: Guitar
  • Eric Dam: Drums

Produced by Wobbe van Seijen

LP Universe 1087320 (1972)

The tracks by Pugh's Place were recorded during their farewell concert at the Pow-Wow (in Leeuwarden) in September 1971. The track by Rick and Dave is a studio recording. The Children of Jubal tracks were recorded May 18 1972 in a studio in Leeuwarden. They were broadcasted for the local radio station RONO in the program Frij Pik on June 21 1972.


Zoo was a melodic progressive rockband from the town of Groningen. They are formed in 1970 when the band Spring changed its name. From the original members only Eddy Meyer and Bert Veldkamp remained. They were joined by Gerhard Jeltes and Robbie Pwa, who used to play with Wisse Scheper. Zoo released several singles before they recorded an album in 1973.

In 1974 Zoo ends. Bass player Bert Veldkamp joins Kayak, a few others start the new group Kangaroo. During their existence they release four singles.

  1. Cold night (E. Meyer, B. Veldkamp) [4:15]
  2. Summerday (E. Meyer, B. Veldkamp) [5:15]
  3. Everybody knows (E. Meyer, B. Veldkamp) [3:55]
  4. I'm here (E. Meyer, B. Veldkamp) [6:34]
  5. Dedicated to you all (medley) (J. Lennon, P. McCartney) [6:42]
  6. Zoo music (E. Meyer, B. Veldkamp) [7:23]
  7. Feelings (E. Meyer, B. Veldkamp) [4:37]


  • Robby Pwa: Guitar
  • Bert Veldkamp: Bass guitar, vocals
  • Eddy Meyer: Keyboards, vocals
  • Gerhard Jeltes: Drums

Produced by Richard du Bois

LP CNR 541645 (1973)

The medley "Dedicated to you all" consists of the following tracks: We can work it out, Norwegian wood, Day tripper, Baby you're a rich man, Got to get you into my life and Eight days a week.

Zoo flip sideZoo


Zoo Single

Change my world [3:31]
Holiday [3:25]

Philips 6075 114 (1971)

Zoo single

Be free [3:26]
All my life [3:20]

Injection 134 55 (1972)

Zoo single


Walkings [2:53]
Love love [2:41]

CNR 141 198 (1973)

Zoo Single

Cold night [3:59]
Naught moo [3:04]

CNR 141 229 (1973)

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