Occasional Progressive

Sometimes a band, altough not considered a progressive band, made one album that was pushing the bounderies. In this section you can find bands that made a progressive album where as the band itself cannot be considered progressive

Golden Earring

The Golden Earring started as a beatband in the early sixties and evolved in a (hard)rock band. They scored worldwide hitsongs with Radar love and Twilight zone. In 1969 they recorded an interesting psychedelic album, Eight miles high. In the mid nineteen seventies they were shortly joined by Robert Jan Stips of Supersister.

Eight Miles High (1969)
Eight Miles High

  1. Landing (R. Gerritsen) [4:27]
  2. Song of a devil's servant (G. Kooymans) [6:00]
  3. One huge road (G. Kooymans) [3:05]
  4. Everyday's torture (G. Kooymans) [5:19]
  5. Eight miles high (D. Crosby, J. McGuin, G. Clark) [19:00]


  • Marinus Gerritsen: Bass guitar, organ and piano
  • George Kooymans: Guitar and vocals
  • Barry Hay: Flute, rhythm guitar and vocals
  • Sieb Warner: Drums and percussion

Recorded at Olympic Studio, London
LP polydor 656019 (1969)

This 1969 album shows a great band at the peak of their powers. On the scale of great psychedelic albums this should be high. Listen to Barry hay's flute open song of a devil's servant and you are transported somewhere else entirely, which is the achievement of only truly great music. As well as being highly psychedelic this album is also a very heavy rock album at times. The band were between drummers. Jaap Eggermont had just left to go on to a highly successful career as a producer (he produced earth and fire's great second album with Fred Hayen).

The great Cesar Zuiderwijk would join on the next album and is still with the band to this day, but it is Sieb Warner who gives the powerful backing to some driving songs, played by passionate musicians on this album. George Kooymans and Rinus Gerritsen play guitar and bass and write all of the songs except of course Eight miles high. Barry Hay provides most of the lead vocals. He is one of the truly great singers in rock music. I'd love to hear some live stuff from around this period as apparently the band were fantastic and played a forty minute version of 'eight miles high'. There is twenty minutes of 'eight miles high' on this album . I bought my copy on this album Just over twenty years ago and have always treasured it.

The music transported a fifteen year old far away from the home counties, as indeed it still does.. The band had evolved a very good pop band on their first album to a very serious psychedelic hard rock band on this, their fifth. This is an album you need to hear.

The band did not make an album this psychedelic again but if you like this and you haven't heard their music before( other then Radar Love/Twilight Zone) try 'Moontan', 'Switch' and their greatest masterpiece,'To The Hilt' as well. It's not psychedelic but Golden Earring's 1977 live album is probably the best live album I have ever heard and I am pretty sure it would be enjoyed by people who like psychedelia . There is a very good ten minute eight miles high and perhaps my favourite Earring song of all (and I am a huge fan) 'Mad Love's comin''. Remember that you need to listen to Golden Earring loud to get the best effect from the music!

(James Holbrook, Pooterland)

Eight miles high backEight Miles High (1969)

Sandy Coast

Sandy Coast started in 1961 as the Sandy Coast Skiffle Group. Throughout their career they scored several hits. In 1969 they released Shipwreck, which included the epic title track about a fatal ship voyage in 1739, as told by the sailor's point of view. After a few more hits the band ended in 1974.

Shipwreck (1969)

  1. Shipwreck (H. Vermeulen, J. Vermeulen) [13:42]
    a) Overture
    b) Departure
    c) Shipwreck
    d) Saved
    e) Hope and Despair
    f) Land
    g) The End
  2. I may happily forget (R. Westerbeek) [4:02]
  3. North Canadian paradise (H. Vermeulen) [4:05]
  4. Blue blackman's blues (R. Westerbeek) [1:41]
  5. Advice (H. Vermeulen, J. Vermeulen) [3:19]
  6. Timothy (H. Vermeulen) [3:47]
  7. Re Re le loup (R. Westerbeek, J. Vermeulen) [3:57]
Bonus tracks
  1. Deep down down (R. Westerbeek, O. Bevoort) [2:54]
  2. Back to the city (H. Vermeulen) [2:52]
  3. Eleanor Rigby (J. Lennon, P. McCartney) [3:16]
  4. In my opinion (H. Vermeulen) [2:09]


  • Onno Bevoort: Drums and cymbals
  • Hans Vermeulen: Vocals, guitar and piano
  • Jan Vermeulen: Bass guitar
  • Ron Westerbeek: Organ, piano, guitar and backing vocals

Engineered by Erik Bakker

LP Page One MORS 201 (1969)
CD Pseudonym CDP1023DD (1996)
CD Kismet KIS4036CD (2013)

Shipwreck (1969)Shipwreck (1969)

At last a reissue of very hard to get UK only album from one of Holland's finest Progressive Psych band from the late 60's/early 70's. Chock full of ambitious rock music with nice extended guitar jams throughout. Contains 4 bonus tracks including their rare take on "Eleanor Rigby. Originally released on PAGE ONE.

(Freak Emporium)