Pat Cool


The progressive rockgroup Pat Cool was founded in Venlo, The Netherlands in December 1971. The members were Huub Timmermans (keyboards), Peter Tiggelers (drums), Tom van der Schoot (bass guitar) and Gé Titulaer (vocals, keyboards, flute and recorders). A single is released with the tracks The sun king found his kingdome here and Never get lost.

In 1973 they recorded their only album, Daybreak. The music is a sort of jazzy, keyboard orientated progressive rock. In the Netherlands they played shows with Redbone and ELO.

When the band broke up, Tom van der Schoot went up to the north of Holland, to play in several bands in the town Groningen. He is currently playing in a band with Bonfire's guitaris Eugene den Hoed. Gé Titulaer started a solo career.

Peter Tiggelers, Tom van der Schoot, Huub Timmermans, Ge Titulaer

In 2018 the original band is back together to play a concert at the Talking About My Generation festival in Venlo June 2.

Peter Tiggelers, Huub Timmermans, Tom van der Schoot, Ge Titulaer


Daybreak (1973)


  1. When someday (G. Titulaer) [8:50]
  2. What are you about (G. Titulaer) [4:35]
  3. For all who really had to cry (G. Titulaer) [9:40]
  4. Daybreak (G. Titulaer) [4:40]
  5. I wish (G. Titulaer) [7:55]
  6. There has been a change in me (G. Titulaer) [8:45]


  • Huub Timmermans: Organ, piano
  • Tom van der Schoot: Bass guitar
  • Peter Tiggelers: Drums, percussion
  • Gé Titulaer: Piano, organ, mini-moog, flute, recorders, vocals

Produced by Tim Griek.
Engineered by André Hooning.
Sleeve design by Antoon Koolen
Recorded during the first week of January 1973

LP Delta DF9002 (1973)

Pat CoolDaybreak (1973)


Pat Cool makes jazzy, keyboard oriented progressive rock. The music is not very complex and the voice of Gé Titulaer is very prominent also. The opening track When someday has a nice easy going feeling over it. It culminates in a excellent recorder solo. The second track is very jazzy, poppy song. The third track was written after the 1972 olympic games in Munich. It starts with a nice flute and also has a great organ sound. This is probably the best track on the album. The title track is a short poppy track and not very interesting. I wish is mainly based around a bass riff. It does have that good old hammond organ again. The last track is a very slow song.

(Dutch Progressive Rock of the Seventies)

Strongly keyboard driven, packed with nostalgia feeling of good ol' lightly psychedelic days (not so much) of that very special era of late 60s and early 70s (I wish there was a shorter term for this period of time, such as L60E70). Actually, quite similar musically to Sandrose (except this one has male vocals) and reminding of less melodic Greenslade (as Greenslade uses nearly identical sounds, but has very different atmosphere - cheerful and lighthearted). And also not British, but tradition of teaching English language in Netherlands is strong, so their accent is OK.

Enough with brackets - the atmosphere of Pat Cool's is dense and almost hypnotic with vibes of days gone by. Good reminiscence of those times I've never experienced.

(Marty McFly, Progarchives)

Pat Cool play in a slightly jazz influenced progressive rock and are very much from the Dutch school. But a quote from an online Dutch Encyclopedia "and the voice of Gé Titulaer is very prominent also" would have to rank as one of the all-time great understatements. It's quite apparent to me that he was trying very hard to emulate one Tom Jones - and well... hmmm.... maybe not the most successful try out there. So I'll offer another great understatement: His voice is an acquired taste. And scary to say, I think I'm falling into that camp. So, in the end, a very solid Dutch progressive rock album, with pop and jazz overtones - and an overbearing voice. Sound good? Probably not. But it is strangely enough.

(Ashratom, Rate Your Music)


The sun king found his kingdome here / Never get lost

The sun king found his kingdome here [4:27]
Never get lost [2:59]

Produced by Tim Griek

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