This is Michele. Where would i be without her. She really helps me a lot with the Lester Butler site. She provided a lot of cool stuff. This is her with Red Devils Planet Hollywood shirt and the Pinkpop '93 festival poster.   This is me with t-shirt 13 ft. Lester Butler "I hate to talk negative" that I ordered from Chris Wobben for Ospel '01. You can order it here.

13 ft. Lester Butler Front
13 ft. Lester Butler Back
This is the first 13 ft. Lester Butler shirt that was made. Eddie Clark gave it to me at Moulin Blues in Ospel in '01. Thanks Eddie !  

Lester Butler Memorial Ospel 2001 Front
Lester Butler Memorial Ospel 2001 Back
Eddie Clark's wife made this Tshirt for Moulin Blues in Ospel in '01 for The Lester Butler Memorial Band.  

I hate to talk negative
  <Pinkpop '93 tshirt>
<King King tshirt>
"I hate to talk negative" 13 ft. Lester Butler t-shirt by Chris Wobben. You can order it here too for 40 Guilders.  
I'm still looking for the RED DEVILS: KING KING t-shirt. So if you can help me, please mail me.
The only person i know that has it is: Maikel van Bogget from the dutch band Starfish Bowl from Ospel.
I'm also looking for the Pinkpop '93 Tshirt & Moulin Blues Ospel 2001, 1998 and 1993 tshirts.