Geodetic datum transformation tool

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This site offers a tool that allows to compute and to check geodetic datum transformations.

If latitude, longitude and height, relative to a datum, are given,
and 3 shifts or 7 transformation parameters are known,
the latitude, longitude and height for any other datum can be computed by this tool.

Author: Jan Hendrikse,     ( for contact per e-mail: J.H.M Hendrikse or Jan Hendrikse (private) )
For more information, see:

Explanation and example

See also ILWIS at ITC Enschede or at NATURE WORLDWIDE (WICE) or at 52 North

Click the following link to download (save) DATRANS.exe. Or press this button b.gif to run the datum transformation

Warning: if your PC expects comma's (,) as decimal symbol, please change the ellipsoid parameters accordingly and use decimal comma's in all other input as well.

For Beta version of DATRANS2.exe, see: Version 2 (nov 2015)